Candidate for Chicago City Council

About the Candidate

Name: Essie Hall
DOB: May 28, 1973
Family: Single
Occupation: Independent consultant
Political Experience: No political experience

Candidate Statement

My name is Essie Hall and I am running for alderman of the 9th ward because it’s time for real change. As an educator and counselor, for over twenty years I have served the Chicago Public Schools and taught in the university setting. I know the academic challenges our children face. They need advocates. Our schools need resources. Our teachers need support. More than half of our community schools are underperforming and fall below state standards. Alderman Anthony Beale has repeatedly failed to address the needs of our schools. It’s time for real change. I have lived in the 9th Ward over 45 years and I remember its legacy, how it used to thrive. I know how critically important environment is. How safety, economic development and good schools are essential to a strong community. Here again, Alderman Beale’s leadership has failed. The interest of all constituents is at risk. And we are in a state of emergency. Business and residential districts have been replaced by vacant lots, abandoned homes, and dissolved establishments. Today our ward is technically a food desert. It’s time to change that. As alderman, I will create listening opportunities for all residents to share their concerns and ideas; I will offer tax incentives and seek funding sources to attract reputable businesses and provide employment equity; I will make the needs of our schools top priority, and partner with every stakeholder to ensure a safer community. Let’s work together and restore the 9th Ward! Together, we can reclaim its legacy, together we must revitalize its industry, and together we will renew community.

Won’t you join me?

On February 26th elect Essie Hall alderman of the 9th Ward. Because it’s time for Real Change…together! Thank you.

Candidate Q&A

What is the most pressing issue facing constituents, and how can you help address it?

The most pressing issue is the lack of economic development throughout the ward. The 9th Ward can practically be deemed a food desert, as access to wholesome foods, goods and services is limited. I propose to establish collaborative partnerships with external funding organizations and corporations, strategically allocate TIF (Tax Increment Finance) funds, rigorously pursue grant funding, and offer tax credits and incentives to support small businesses, encourage community proprietors, attract major retailers, renovate community corridors and develop aesthetic centers. Additionally, I will engage the constituents of the 9th Ward in the decision making process, as we work together to effect positive and much needed change.