Candidate for Chicago City Council

About the Candidate

Name: David Earl Williams III
DOB: Jan. 8, 1984
Family: In relationship, Sheila (Mother), David Jr. (Father), two sisters and one brother
Occupation: 8x decorated U.S. Navy Iraqi Freedom War Veteran, Medical Logistics Specialist and Novelist
Political Experience: U.S. House of Representatives candidate (Illinois 9th district- 2014), Lieutenant Governor candidate (2018), volunteer for Chuy Garcia for Mayor (2015) and Ron Paul for President (2012)

Candidate Statement

Hi, my name is David Earl Williams III. I am an 8x Decorated U.S. Navy Iraqi Freedom War Veteran, Novelist, Medical logistics specialist and political activist.

I’ve been active in politics since 2011, and worked with Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and members of the Green Party along with various charities nationally and statewide. In Chicago’s 48th ward, we’re known for our diversity and to be feisty Independents.

However, the representation as of late has been far from that. We have an incumbent who has voted 94% of the time with the Chicago machine, chooses to favor big business interest and the more affluent part of the ward over the others and attempted to push hush money in the amount of $5 million on the grieving family of Laquan McDonald whose life was wrongfully taken away. That’s not justice, and it’s not fair or considerate representation. When I become Alderman in the 48th ward, politics as usual will come to an end.

Together, we’re going to halt property tax increases and implement in place of that the LaSalle St Tax to raise revenue, force the hand of the state government to re-establish rent control for those who make under $43,000 annually, have an all elected Civilian police accountability council & school board,  prioritize funding for mental health, public schools & sheltering homeless citizens, honor pension obligations to city employees, term limits for all elected offices in Chicago, crackdown on illegal guns and other crime, abolishing the TIF district funds, ward reduction from 50 to 25 & I’m going to donate 30% of my salary to charities within the ward.

I’m not here to appease the Mayor or some big business. My special interest is the residents of the 48th ward and all of Chicago who I will be voting with 100% of the time. My name is David Earl Williams III and as your next Alderman – together we can have a Safer, Cleaner and more diverse 48th ward. Thank you.

Candidate Q&A

What is your vision for this office?

Term limits, ward and salary reduction, giving 30% of my salary back to local charities, safety, small business friendly, equal representation amongst the constituents & putting community first before partisan or special interest.

What is the most pressing issue facing constituents, and how can you help address it?
  • High property taxes has become an inconvenience for the constituents of the 48th ward. We need to keep the property tax rate where it is, look for other sources of revenue such as the full legalization of Marijuana and the Lasalle St. tax (0.1% tax on all trading (buying and selling of stocks, bonds, currencies and derivatives - which is estimated to bring in $10-12 Billion annually). If we want to keep people from leaving not just the 48th ward or Chicago, we have to be considerate of the Working Poor and Middle class diverse families who helped build our neighborhoods.
  • Preserving Edgewater historical landmarks such as the 1912 house and the 64 unit apartment building on the 6300 N. Winthrop block which is in the process of being torn down by Loyola University to build a sophomore dormitory. Besides the potential environmental hazards this may cause, this will also displace the low income residences who have nowhere else to go. It isn’t fair for one part of the ward (East Andersonville) to have a voice when it comes to downzoning to save 2 flats apartment buildings, but ignore the residents of Edgewater by not allowing them to voice and vote their concerns on these local matters.
  • Lack of affordable housing and rent control. Due to gentrification, many low income families who have been loyal residents of the ward are being pushed out. Let’s bring in more affordable housing options, but at the same time we need to cap how high rent can be raised annually on those who struggle fiscally.
  • More trash dispensers on every corner, along with clothing recycling containers.
  • End 2 space parking and implement parking permits.
  • Buttercup Park in North Uptown has huge safety issues. This area is known to be family friendly, but tends to be overwhelmed at times with rampant drug trading activity and fighting amongst loiters. We need a stronger police presence and action (if needed) to deter this behavior from continuing.