Candidate for Chicago City Council

About the Candidate

Name: Robert “Bobby” Loncar
DOB: July 19, 1984
Family: I met my wife, Natalie, while we were both sophomores at Bishop Noll Institute in 1999. She and I are both life-long residents of the 10th ward and come from families that have been rooted in Chicago's southeast side for generations. In 2009, we married and bought a modest house in the East Side community where we are currently raising our three children.
Occupation: Attorney in private practice
Political Experience: Since about October 2016, I served as a commissioner on the Board of Commissioners for SSA No. 5 - Commercial Avenue, which is a mayoral appointed, city council approved, position.

Outside of politics, but within the realm of civic duty, I have been an active member of the South Chicago Chamber of Commerce and the East Side Chamber of Commerce for about five years. I currently serve as the president for the East Side Chamber of Commerce.

In early 2015, I organized a group of people in the community to form the Southeast Chicago Dog Park Committee, which is responsible for establishing the Chicago Park District's first officially licensed Dog Friendly Area in the entire south side right here in the 10th Ward.

Candidate Statement

Hi, I'm Bobby Loncar, a life-long resident of the 10th Ward. I earned my bachelors degree with a major in Economics from the University of Illinois and I earned my law degree from the John Marshall Law School. I currently maintain a private law practice, which is based in South Chicago with a branch office in the Loop.

I am running for alderman because I believe in the 10th Ward. I believe in the communities of the 10th Ward and I know that we can do better. Having been raised in an immigrant household, I understand the concerns facing many families in the Ward; and having lived in the ward my entire life, I understand the concerns facing our residents.

Our current leadership has missed the mark when it comes to development. She continues to engage in the same sort of rhetoric we're used to hearing from our politicians.

On job creation, I understand that good-paying jobs are key to maintaining a strong middle class, but I know that those jobs don't do much for our residents when employee parking lots are filled with cars bearing Indiana license plates and suburban window stickers.

I know that the key to solving the problems facing our Ward is not only ensuring gainful employment for our residents, but also taking steps to ensure that those who are gainfully employed choose to remain in the 10th Ward as a place to live and to raise their families.

For this, the revitalization of our commercial districts is imperative. I will make this a top priority from day one in office and will not stop until we've achieved that goal.

On environmental issues, current leadership has been ineffective in advocating for policies that mitigate the effects of industry on the health of our residents. Elevated levels of manganese continue to plague the air and ground surrounding facilities where that substance is handled and current leadership failed to pass or even introduce an ordinance that is strong enough to combat this crisis.

Once elected 10th Ward Alderman, I will work with my colleagues in City Hall to ensure that the interests of 10th Ward residents don't always come last. It's time we vote for true change in the 10th ward. Thank you for your support.

Candidate Q&A

What is your vision for this office?

An alderman must be a tireless advocate for the communities located within his / her ward. The top priorities for the person occupying this office are to ensure that city services are provided to constituents and to promote policies that further his / her long-term visions for the ward.

What is the most pressing issue facing constituents, and how can you help address it?

The single most pressing issue facing the 10th Ward is the drain of the middle class. Middle class families are leaving the 10th Ward for the suburbs and other parts of the city at an alarming rate. This outflux of residents leads to instability in the housing market and creates difficulties in drawing desired businesses to invest in 10th Ward communities.

Unfortunately, many of these families feel that there is nothing left for them in the communities of the 10th Ward and these communities are increasingly seen as undesirable places to live and to raise families. This perception can be changed once the City invests in 10th Ward communities and promotes revitalization of the commercial districts within the ward.

We must create a revitalization plan for each of the commercial districts in the 10th Ward. Once the plans are created, they must be implemented using the tools available, which include, among other things, TIF, SSA and menu funds. By revitalizing our commercial districts, we can encourage investment in our communities and create a draw for residents of the ward and surrounding areas.