Candidate for Chicago City Council

About the Candidate

Name: Anthony V. Napolitano
DOB: March 29, 1975
Family: Wife, Jamie O’Shaughnessy Napolitano
Daughter, Sofia Rose, 12 years old
Daughter, Fiona Reese, 10 years old
Son, Anthony Ryan, 8 years old
Occupation: Chicago Police Officer, 2000-2005
Chicago FireFighter/EMT, 2005-2015
Alderman 41st Ward, 2015-Present
Political Experience: Alderman, 2015-Present

Candidate Statement

Hello Chicago, my name is Alderman Anthony Napolitano of the 41st ward. I am a lifelong resident of the 41st Ward where I have lived for over 43 years. I married my high school sweetheart Jamie O’Shaughnessy Napolitano and we have been blessed with three beautiful children all who attend Chicago public schools. I proudly served as a Chicago Police Officer for 5 years and then as a proud Chicago Firefighter for 10 years. I was raised union strong and I am honored to say I still pay my Local 2 firefighter union dues.

I was elected Alderman of the 41st Ward in 2015, I am the only independent Alderman in the entire city Council. As Alderman of the 41st Ward we brought over 70 additional police officers to the 16th district. We brought two annexes for our local schools, a $20 million annex for Ebinger Elementary and a $34 million annex for Dirksen Elementary. We brought a new turf field and four new tennis courts to Taft High School.

We introduced the first ever 41st ward participatory budget giving residents a say in how their tax dollars are spent. Our PB funded projects such as a new neighborhood indicator sign in Norwood Park and a workout trail in Oriole Park to name a few.. We partnered with the Chicago Park District and brought a brand new playground to Wildwood Park in Edgebrook. Working with the Chicago Blackhawks we were able to bring a donated Hockey rink to Norwood Park as well as two new tennis courts.

We started the 41st Ward slow down for kids campaign and installed speed monitors at 4 of our local schools. As an independent Alderman, I brought your voice to City Hall and completely broke the rubberstamp mold. I voted against the historic 2016 Property Tax Increase. I co-sponsored legislation that passed city council and allocated excess TIF funds to CPS. I stood up for our single family home community and fought against two major developments that would have resulted in over 700 residential units.

I’m Alderman Anthony Napolitano and serving the 41st Ward has been the biggest honor of my Life. Our office has made Ward services and infrastructure priority number one and have maintained government transparency with an open door policy. We’ve made great strides over the last 3 1/2 years and I hope to have your support to continue our success and be your voice in the City Council.

Candidate Q&A

What is your vision for this office?

To constantly advocate for the residents of the 41st Ward and continue to give them a true voice in city hall.

What is the most pressing issue facing constituents, and how can you help address it?

What is the most pressing issue facing constituents, and how can you help address it?

The unrelenting efforts by politicians to attack law enforcement which will continue to handcuff the police and their efforts to fight ever increasing crime and provide public safety.

Also, the unending implementation of taxes and fees that have greatly impacted our residents and small businesses.