Mar 17, 2023

CTA, City Eye Community-Centric Development Around Future Red Line Extension Stations

Community-driven development centered around future CTA stations. That’s the idea behind a new “transit-supportive development” plan to revitalize South Side neighborhoods that are part of the proposed Red Line extension to 130th Street.

Mar 16, 2023

March 16, 2023 - Full Show

A mother’s fight for answers in the unsolved killing of her son. How a four-day workweek might, well, work. And we add some color to your winter with a trip to the Chicago Botanic Garden’s orchid show.

Mar 16, 2023

Orchids’ Diversity is Magnified at Chicago Botanic Garden’s Annual Show. This Plant Has Color and Variety to Spare

There’s one place spring has most definitely sprung: the Chicago Botanic Garden, where the annual orchid show is now underway. WTTW News also toured the garden’s orchid greenhouse, which isn’t open to the public.

Mar 16, 2023

Thank God It’s Thursday? The Push to Move to a 4-Day Workweek

Talks of a four-day workweek are heating up nationwide. A lawmaker in California has reintroduced a U.S. House bill that would make a 32-hour workweek the national standard. A bill in Maryland proposes tax incentives for companies that try out a four-day workweek.

Mar 16, 2023

‘Chicago Tonight’ in Your Neighborhood: New 400 Theaters Facing Closure After More Than 100 Years in Rogers Park

The New 400 Theaters in Rogers Park has survived two world wars, two pandemics and an ever-changing movie industry. The current owner is looking to sell the space, making the theater’s future unclear.

Mar 16, 2023

Release Full Watchdog Probe of My Son’s 2016 Death Outside Police Station, Mom Demands

“Seven years, and we still don’t have the answers. We still don’t know what happened to my son. Seven years, I’m still fighting, trying to find the truth.”

Mar 15, 2023

March 15, 2023 - Full Show

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s first City Council meeting since losing her reelection bid. How the next mayor of Chicago should think about public safety. A train merger approved despite opposition. And the art of tattooing.

Mar 15, 2023

Tattoo Artist Ryan Henry Transforms Skin, Tells Stories

Tattooing is a skill Ryan Henry taught himself nearly 14 years ago. It was about halfway through his career that Henry garnered national attention when his artwork was showcased on the show “Black Ink Crew Chicago.”

Mar 15, 2023

City Council Votes 41-2 To Ensure Nonprofit Employees Can Unionize Over Lightfoot’s Objection

The proposal requires human service organizations that contract with the city and have more than 20 employees to agree not to fight efforts by their employees to unionize as long as workers agree not to disrupt the company’s operations while they organize.

Mar 15, 2023

Spotlight Politics: Fresh Endorsements in Mayor’s Race, ‘ComEd Four’ Trial Begins

Fresh endorsements in the race for Chicago mayor. The trial of the so-called "ComEd Four" is underway. And police Superintendent David Brown prepares to step down. Our politics team weighs in on those stories and more.

Mar 15, 2023

What Will Policing, Public Safety Look Like Under Chicago’s Next Mayor?

The voters of Chicago have spoken, and the message is loud and clear: The next mayor needs new strategies to reduce crime. The two contenders for Chicago’s mayoral runoff, Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson, have differing views on how to address crime and violence.

Mar 14, 2023

March 14, 2023 - Full Show

The ComEd bribery trial gets underway. The state’s high court hears challenges to the no-cash-bail bill that’s been put on hold. And debating NASCAR and other events closing Grant Park for most of the summer.

Mar 14, 2023

Lawmakers, Organizers Want to Force Lakefront Power Plant Owner to Clean Up Coal Ash Byproduct

Coal ash, the byproduct created when plants burn coal for power, contains potentially dangerous materials like arsenic, mercury and cadmium that can endanger nearby water supplies. Since coal-fired power plants use a lot of water to keep their equipment cool, they’re often near bodies of water like Lake Michigan.

Mar 14, 2023

Grant Park Summer Closures Raise Questions About Access, Priorities

Grant Park could potentially be closed to the public for 40 days for July's NASCAR Chicago Street Race, including event setup and teardown. That's just one of many events blocking free access to the park this summer.

Mar 14, 2023

Vallas Vows to Limit Aldermanic Prerogative to Boost Development on Chicago’s South, West Sides

Mayoral candidate Paul Vallas’ plan to reverse decades of disinvestment on the South and West sides of Chicago focuses on the creation of an independent community development authority that would limit tChicago City Council members’ control of zoning in their wards.