About the Candidate

Name: Thea Tsatsos
DOB: April 15, 1969
Occupation: Medical Technologist
Political Experience: Active with Libertarian Party since 1992
Website: www.thea4boardpresident.com
Twitter: @Thea4BoardPres
Facebook: Thea Tsatsos for Cook County Board President
Instagram: @Thea4BoardPres

Candidate Statement

Hello.  My name is Thea Tsatsos. I’m a mother of two young children, a sister, friend, employee, and tax-paying homeowner in Cook County.

I am running to serve at the 36th president of the Cook County Board of Commissioners.  My wish is to provide voters with a valuable choice at the polls. My campaign serves to spread the libertarian ideas of personal freedom and individual responsibility and to help further establish the libertarian party as a force in Cook County.

Our campaign will offer enterprising and flexible solutions to the challenges we face to give a voice to individuals in Cook County who feel competent to make their own decisions about healthcare, education, and finances.

We have been living in a collective worldview with a mindset that the only options are government and more government. Very few of us are able to consider a society composed of adults and children, able-bodied, and other than able-bodied, cisgendered, transgendered, non-binary individuals who can mutually exist in a consenting and self-governing manner.

After decades of the status quo, it is time for a fresh perspective for Cook County's top executive, a crucial position for the libertarian party and for freedom at large, if you are interested in helping us create a real and substantive change in Cook County, then you need to register to vote and to show up at the polls and vote Libertarian.

Thank you.

Candidate Q&A

Why are you running?

Like most Americans and the much of the immigrant population, I value being part of a civil society that is defined by freedom of choice and vibrant markets. The Chicago chapter of the Libertarian Party asked me to run, and I gave it considerable and careful consideration. After all, who am I to take on a mentality of Big Government to which Chicago-at-Large seems to be in an addictive cycle? Why waste my time? "Libertarians never get elected" and on and on goes the negativity.

I am running because if even just one individual can access the light of freedom that this movement offers then I will have done my job. If I can pull away the veil of Big Government and encourage others to reclaim their autonomy and sovereign nature, then THAT gives me HOPE. I am running for freedom of the human spirit, dignity of choice, and to represent a model of a free society.

What does this office do well, and what needs fixing?

This office is effective at creating massive budgets, self-important politicians, closed door handshakes, and levying taxes (remember the sweetened beverage tax?), as well as stoking fear and a mentality of servitude in the governed.

I will fix this by making my office as transparent, accessible, and innovative as possible. No back-door deals, special favors, or red tape. I will empower families and business to thrive by working to remove every bureaucratic obstacle in their way. I guarantee that I will not force businesses and schools in Cook County to shut their doors nor impose any mandates in Cook County. I will allow you, the taxpayer, to declare how and where you would like to spend YOUR tax dollars.

What is the most pressing issue facing your constituents and how do you plan on addressing it?

Property taxes and crime are the most pressing issues facing the constituents, and yet we live in the most in-debt, medicated, obese and addicted cohort in human history. There is ample evidence that more government, and subsequent larger tax bills, will only make problems worse.

The Human Spirit needs freedom of choice and not the chronic, repetitive legislation of career politicians seeking to govern solely to ensure their own professional longevity.

I will not raise taxes and will work hard to reduce or abolish as many taxes as possible. Furthermore, I will empower law-abiding citizens to defend themselves against violent crime while decriminalizing victimless crimes.

What specific steps would you take to ensure your office is accessible and responsive to your constituents?

Libertarians like myself are eager and passionate about spreading the message of Liberty; accessibility and transparency are cornerstones of our philosophy. We want nothing more than to foster an open dialogue where all voices may be heard. We feel this way to the end that no one individual can better offer a solution to a problem than those who are living directly in it. We trust that small scale de-centralized solutions have longer lasting, more effective, and infinitely more flexible outcomes. This is achievable! Without the heavy tax burden to its citizens!!

If elected, I would seek to incorporate innovative technologies such as electronic survey platforms to gauge public support for initiatives, and advocate for blockchain technology and rank choice voting in public elections. Our platform will ensure that people who pay taxes will be able to decide for themselves how & where their tax dollars are spent.