Precincts Counted (of 2069)
Total Ballots Cast


Lori Lightfoot
Votes: 385990
Toni Preckwinkle
Votes: 137739


Melissa Conyears-Ervin
Votes: 296260
Ameya Pawar
Votes: 202675

Alderman 5th Ward

Leslie A. Hairston
Votes: 6848
William Calloway
Votes: 6673

Alderman 6th Ward

Roderick T. Sawyer
Votes: 5965
Deborah A. Foster-Bonner
Votes: 5149

Alderman 15th Ward

Raymond A. Lopez
Votes: 3220
Rafael "Rafa" Yañez
Votes: 2174

Alderman 16th Ward

Stephanie D. Coleman
Votes: 3822
Toni L. Foulkes
Votes: 1958

Alderman 20th Ward

Jeanette B. Taylor
Votes: 4556
Nicole J. Johnson
Votes: 3075

Alderman 21st Ward

Howard B. Brookins, Jr.
Votes: 7183
Marvin McNeil
Votes: 6294

Alderman 25th Ward

Byron Sigcho-Lopez
Votes: 5223
Alex Acevedo
Votes: 4414

Alderman 30th Ward

Ariel E. Reboyras
Votes: 4097
Jessica Washington Gutierrez
Votes: 3794

Alderman 31st Ward

Felix Cardona, Jr.
Votes: 3584
Milly Santiago
Votes: 3015

Alderman 33rd Ward

Rossana Rodriguez Sanchez
Votes: 5753
Deborah L. Mell
Votes: 5740

Alderman 39th Ward

Samantha "Sam" Nugent
Votes: 7469
Robert Murphy
Votes: 5875

Alderman 40th Ward

Andre Vasquez
Votes: 7509
Patrick J. O’Connor
Votes: 6430

Alderman 43rd Ward

Michele Smith
Votes: 7434
Derek Lindblom
Votes: 6444

Alderman 46th Ward

James Cappleman
Votes: 7079
Marianne Lalonde
Votes: 7049

Alderman 47th Ward

Matt Martin
Votes: 11812
Michael A. Negron
Votes: 7089

Chicago Runoff Election Results | April 2, 2019

WTTW brings you live election results as the votes are counted across the city of Chicago. Percentages are based on the available ballots tallied by the Chicago Board of Elections. Percentages listed do not indicate a winner until all ballots are counted. Results are unofficial until certified.