Below find the results of the Temkin/Harris poll in partnership with WTTW News and Crain’s Chicago Business.

This is a telephone survey among 500 registered voters in Chicago who are likely to vote in the April 2019 mayoral runoff election. The survey was conducted March 18-20, 2019 by Normington, Petts & Associates.

All polls are subject to errors caused by interviewing a sample of persons, rather than the entire population. In 95 cases out of 100, the responses to this survey should fall with ±4.4 percentage points of those what would have been obtained from interviewing the entire population of registered Chicago voters.

1. On April 2, there will be an election in Chicago for mayor. How likely would you say you are to vote in this election?
2. Would you say things in Chicago are generally headed in the right direction, or would you say things are pretty seriously off on the wrong track?
3. If the election for mayor was held today and the candidates were Lori Lightfoot and Toni Preckwinkle, for whom would you vote? If undecided, which candidate do you lean towards supporting?
4. How closely are you following these topics in Chicago?
a. Chicago's public pension crisis:
b. A federal investigation of Ald. Ed Burke:
c. The Lincoln Yards development:
d. Using Tax Increment Finance districts, also known as TIFs:
e. A police training center in West Garfield Park:
5. As you may know, the city of Chicago has serious financial problems. As a result, the city government is considering raising taxes. How strongly do you agree or disagree that each idea below is something you personally would be willing to pay higher taxes to get?
a. Quality mental health services across the city:
b. Repaired roads, bridges and water pipes in the city:
c. To fund the pensions of city workers and public school teachers:
d. Better public schools in the city:
e. More police officers patrolling city neighborhoods:
6. If Rahm Emanuel was running for re-election for mayor, would you vote for him?

About the Respondents

Gender (identify as)
What is the last grade you completed in school?
When it comes to politics, do you generally consider yourself to be a Democrat, a Republican, or an independent?
Total with leans
Total without leans
Thinking in political terms, what would you say you are?
To ensure we have a representative sample of voters, could you tell me your race?