Stories by Steffie Drucker

Hunt for Organic Deodorant Leads Chicago Man to Kitchen

Nathan Morin says he stopped wearing deodorant because he was "lazy and cheap." But when he moved to Chicago and became a bicycle commuter, he rediscovered the need for some type of odor protection. That's when his search for a certified organic deodorant led him to an unlikely place: the kitchen, where he began concocting his own recipe.

Chicago's Other River: Exploring the Calumet by Kayak

The Chicago River buzzes with life. There are new sections of the riverwalk downtown, kayaks on the river, water taxis – the city is embracing its river like never before. But what about that other hard working river, the Calumet, on the Southeast Side? Jay Shefsky explores the area with a couple of local kayakers.

Countdown to Congress

Congressmen Weigh in on Iran Nuclear Deal, Debt-Ceiling Deadline, More

Illinois Congressmen Luis Gutiérrez, left, and Randy Hultgren

Illinois Congressmen Randy Hultgren (R) and Luis Gutiérrez (D) join Chicago Tonight to discuss Iran, Planned Parenthood, clean energy, the 2016 election, and more issues they'll face next month.

What You Need to Know About the Plastic Bag Ban

Alderman Looks to Close Loopholes on Ban Starting Aug. 1

The city of Chicago's partial ban on plastic bags is now in place, but the ordinance as it's currently written will still allow stores to give out plastic bags, provided they meet certain standards. We discuss the new rules and proposed changes to them.

On 25th Anniversary, City Official Addresses Chicago’s ADA Advancements

Sunday marked the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Here to discuss the landmark legislation is Karen Tamley, commissioner of the Chicago Mayor's Office for Persons with Disabilities.

New Study: Smartphone Sensor Data Detects Depression

Excessive smartphone use may indicate depression, new study says.

The phone of the future may be able to detect depression, says a new study from Northwestern University's School of Medicine. Clinical psychologist Stephen Schueller of Northwestern's Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies joins us to discuss the study's findings.

Andrea Zopp Makes Bid for U.S. Senate

Andrea Zopp

Andrea Zopp talks about her candidacy to become the democratic nominee in the primary race for U.S. Senate against Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth. The winner will face incumbent Senator Mark Kirk.

A Closer Look At Obama's Overtime Plan

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama has proposed a change in overtime regulations that could make an additional 5 million Americans eligible for overtime pay. Join Chicago Tonight for a conversation about who this will affect, when the proposed change might go through, and where the rules stand currently.

A New Impression of Degas

Edgar Degas. Scene from the Steeplechase: The Fallen Jockey, 1866, reworked 1880–1881 and c. 1897. National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C., Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mellon, 1999.79.10.

The Art Institute of Chicago offers a fresh perspective on French Impressionist painter Edgar Degas in Degas: At the Track, On the Stage, an exhibition focusing on works that feature movement or performance.

Draft Biden PAC Pushes for VP to Run in 2016

Vice President Joe Biden has run for president of the U.S. twice, most recently as an early Democratic contender in the 2008 primary. A Chicago-based movement called Draft Biden is hoping he’ll run once more.

Summer Music in Chicago

Chicago music fans have a lot to look forward to this summer with the Grateful Dead and Lollapalooza making headlines here. But Humboldt Park neighbors rejected the return of Riot Fest. Rock critics Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis join us to talk about the headliners and the headlines.

New Lives for Old Bikes

Each year, Chicago-based Working Bikes collects thousands of used bikes and sends them to partner organizations in Africa and Latin America. There, bike mechanics are trained, bikes are refurbished and local residents get critical personal transportation. Jay Shefsky visited Working Bikes and helped pack a shipping container.

Five Final Cases for SCOTUS

The United States Supreme Court has five final cases to decide, including same-sex marriage. Does today’s decision give us any clue as to how the judges will rule on the remaining cases?

Art Paul: The Artist Behind Playboy

The 90 year-old-artist is perhaps best known as the original art director at Playboy and a champion of young artists. Now his own work is in the spotlight for a new show at a Ukrainian Village gallery.

The Real Piper Kerman

Credit: Brian Bowen Smith

Just as fans plant themselves in front of their screens for a binge-watching session of the third season of the popular Netflix series, Orange is the New Black, the real life main character, Piper Kerman, is back in Chicago. She joins us on Chicago Tonight.

Cullerton on Budget Showdown

Illinois Senate President John Cullerton joins Carol Marin to talk about the Springfield summer session's budget showdown.