Stories by Sean Keenehan

Independent Maps Aims to Remove Politics from Legislative Redistricting

A nonpartisan coalition aims to wrestle political mapmaking out of the hands of lawmakers and into the hands of the people. Cindi Canary, the organization’s executive director, joins us to discuss the citizen initiative Independent Maps.

Crain's Roundup: Roller Coaster Day for Stock Market After Early Plunge

(thetaxhaven / Flickr)

It was a wild day for the markets. Stocks plummeted deeply this morning—then bounced back a bit in the afternoon. Crain's Chicago Business columnist Joe Cahill joins “Chicago Tonight” with the latest on what has been the worst yearly start for the markets on record.

Examining North Korea’s Alleged ‘Success in First H-Bomb Test’

(babeltravel / Flickr)

Earlier this month, North Korea claimed to have successfully detonated its first hydrogen bomb as a "self-defense against the U.S." While it was known that the secretive, totalitarian dictatorship had atomic weapons, the assertion to have successfully tested a far more powerful hydrogen bomb has been greeted with skepticism.

Chicago Cubs to Heighten Wrigley Field Security Measures in 2016

While the start of the Major League Baseball season is still nearly four months away, the Cubs have aleady made headlines in 2016 with plans to beef up security around Wrigley Field. Joining us to talk about the proposed changes is Crain's Chicago Business sports business reporter Danny Ecker.

City Releases Cedrick Chatman Fatal Shooting Videos

Cedrick Chatman (Courtesy of Chatman family)

A federal judge on Thursday ruled to release surveillance video that was originally held under protective order by the city depicting the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager—17-year-old Cedrick Chatman—by a white Chicago police officer in January 2013. We talk with Brian Coffman, an attorney representing the boy's family.

Crain's Roundup: Ricketts Buying Rooftops, Walgreens Outsourcing Wellness

Ann Dwyer

The owners of the Cubs are buying three more rooftops with a Wrigley Field view. Joining us with more on that story and other local business news is Crain’s Chicago Business deputy managing editor Ann Dwyer.

David Bowie: Remembering His Genre-Bending Life and Legacy

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He was the grandfather of glam rock, a groundbreaking musician and performance artist. Joining us to reflect on David Bowie's life and work is Chicago Tribune theater critic Chris Jones.

Teachers Argue Against Paying Union Dues in Friedrichs Supreme Court Case

Big labor could take a huge hit in a case brought to the Supreme Court by 10 California teachers arguing that they shouldn't be forced to pay union dues. We take a look at the implications for Illinois, where Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner has made labor reform a top priority.

Commercial Space Race Propelled by Musk vs. Bezos Rocket Competition

SpaceX's Falcon 9, left, and Blue Origin's New Shepard. (SpaceX / Flickr, Franke360 / Wikimedia)

Last month, Elon Musk's SpaceX successfully landed one of its Falcon 9 rockets back onto its launch pad. In November, Jeff Bezos’ company Blue Origin landed its sub-orbital capsule New Shepard. Space enthusiast and Fermilab physicist Don Lincoln recently wrote a column on the Musk versus Bezos competition and shares his insights.

Crain’s Roundup: Hospitals Fight the FTC, Developer Bets on Fulton Market

NorthShore University Health System and Advocate Health Care are battling the Federal Trade Commission over their megamerger and a developer is betting millions on the next big retail market. Crain’s Chicago Business deputy managing editor Ann Dwyer joins “Chicago Tonight” with these stories and more.

Fossilized Jaw Bone Reveals Early Evolution of Mammals

A new high-tech analysis of the fossilized jaw bone of Haramiyavia clemmenseni, one of our earliest ancestors, is shedding new light on the mammalian family tree. University of Chicago paleontologist Neil Shubin was one of the lead authors of the study and he joins us in studio to talk us through the findings.

Chi-Town Rising on New Year's Eve Brings a Little NYC to Chicago

John Murray is hoping to create a New Year's Eve tradition in Chicago that will rival the annual Times Square party in New York. Murray joins us to provide an inside scoop on Chi-Town Rising.

University of Chicago Neuroscientist Reacts to ‘Concussion’ Movie

While the new Will Smith movie has received mixed reviews from critics, Peggy Mason, a professor of neurobiology at the University of Chicago, is more concerned with the science behind the story than whether it's an Oscar contender. She joins us to discuss her thoughts on the film and to shed light on the dangers associated with concussions.

University of Chicago Answers Calls for Hyde Park Trauma Center

The University of Chicago answers activists' calls with a new trauma center in Hyde Park. One of the hospital's top surgeons joins us to discuss the details.

Suspended Wheaton College Professor Addresses Religious Statements

Wheaton College's decision to place a tenured professor on paid leave after she declared she was wearing a Muslim headscarf to express her solidarity with Muslims facing hostility has created national and international headlines. Larycia Hawkins joins us to discuss her position.

Sparks Fly Over National Security at 5th GOP Debate

(DonkeyHotey / Flickr)

Last night's GOP presidential debate hosted by CNN set off some fireworks as candidates did all they could to make an impression in a crowded field. Political communications specialist Jason DeSanto joins "Chicago Tonight" to give his take on the heated discourse.

Argonne National Lab Simulation Tracks the Evolution of the Universe

Simulating the evolution of the cosmos. A local physicist is here to talk about using supercomputers to delve into the mysteries of the universe.

Medical Marijuana Hits the Shelves at Chicago’s First Dispensary

State-approved medical marijuana has arrived in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood. We get a look inside the first—and so far the only—dispensary to open in the city. 

Donald Trump's Call for a Muslim Ban Provokes Heated Reactions

Despite recent statements that sparked outrage in many quarters, presidential candidate Donald Trump is still popular among Republican voters, according to some polls. We get reactions from Azam Nizamuddin, president of the Muslim Bar Association of Illinois; and Ed Lasky, founder and news editor of the conservative web magazine American Thinker.

Crain's Roundup: Google's Broadband Expansion, United's No-Frills Plan

Google is looking to shake up the broadband market in Chicago and compete with Comcast, while hometown airline United is going no-frills. Crain’s Chicago Business deputy managing editor Ann Dwyer joins “Chicago Tonight” with these stories and more.

In the Trenches with War Photographer Lynsey Addario

See incredible images of combat zones around the world with a woman whose war photographs caught the attention of Steven Spielberg. Meet photojournalist Lynsey Addario.

Addressing Accountability in Shooting Death of Laquan McDonald

Aldermen in Chicago's Black Caucus want to hold police Superintendent Garry McCarthy accountable in the Laquan McDonald case and activists are calling for the ouster of Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez.

Attorney of Officer Van Dyke Addresses Shooting Video of Laquan McDonald

Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke faces first-degree murder charges in the fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald and is being held without bail until a judge views the police dash-cam video on Monday. Van Dyke’s attorney, Daniel Herbert, joins us on “Chicago Tonight.”

Laquan McDonald Police Video Release Stirs Mixed Reactions

We speak with two members of the black community as a Cook County judge orders the release of dashboard video footage of the fatal police shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.

Crain's Roundup: Apple's Riverfront Plans, Ford's Labor Agreement Woes

Ann Dwyer

Apple has a new Frank LLoyd Wright-esque store proposal for the riverfront, Ford's labor agreement vote hits a rough patch and frequent fliers may notice even more frequently changing rules surrounding airline rewards programs. Crain's Chicago Business deputy managing editor Ann Dwyer joins us for more on these stories.