Stories by Hunter Clauss

Videos of Potential Police Misconduct Go Public

The Independent Police Review Authority on Friday released hundreds of videos and other supporting evidence in potential police misconduct cases dating back to 2011.

Ron Magers’ Final Newscast After 51-Year Career

Ron Magers signs off Wednesday night after 51 years in television news, including almost 35 in Chicago. He started here at WMAQ-Channel 5, where he co-anchored with “Chicago Tonight” host Carol Marin for 13 years. In April, Magers sat down for a conversation with his former “TV wife.”

Ray LaHood's Memoir 'Seeking Bipartisanship' Chronicles Life in Politics

Ray LaHood

Former U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood was the only Republican that President Obama appointed to his cabinet upon taking office in 2009. His new memoir "Seeking Bipartisanship" chronicles his political life in Illinois and on the national stage. LaHood joins us to discuss his book and career.

What’s Next After the Dante Servin Verdict?

Chicago Police Detective Dante Servin was acquitted earlier this month in the shooting death of Rekia Boyd. What lessons can be learned from the case, and what needs to change going forward?

Legislators on Budget Cuts

State lawmakers are reconvening this week in Springfield to work on the budgeting process for next year. We'll hear from legislators from both sides of the aisle. 

Bridging the Divide Between Youth and Police

African-American teenagers are talking about how standard police practices like stop and frisk affect them in the long term, and the police are listening. We hear about the groundbreaking work to bring kids and police together to hear each other's experiences and to make changes.