Stories by Paul Caine

Scathing Criticism of Trump Fails to Undermine Base Support

Blistering attacks against President Donald Trump coming from members of his own party. Local Republicans give us their take on the turmoil dividing Washington.

Study: Tiny Mammal Survives Winter by Shrinking Skull, Brain

(Hanna Knutsson / Flickr)

University of Chicago paleontologist Neil Shubin returns for another review of stories making headlines in the world of science. 

Going Cashless May Be the Future, But Not Soon For Most Businesses

Why accepting cash could become a thing of the past. The growing trend for businesses to go cashless.

Deadline Day for Amazon HQ2 Bids

Chicago is reportedly pulling out all the stops to try to entice the e-commerce giant. But just what is Amazon looking for, and how strong a contender is Chicago likely to be?

Is Spending on Statewide Elections Going Too Far?

Democratic candidate for governor J.B. Pritzker introduces his running mate, South Side state Rep. Juliana Stratton, on Aug. 10.

With more than a year to go, the three richest candidates for governor have raised a combined total of more than $102 million. Have we reached a point where only millionaires and billionaires need apply when running for statewide office?

Jonathan Eig’s ‘Ali: A Life’ Portrays Complex, Flawed, But Humble Icon

Ali loved a crowd, and often found one on 79th Street in Chicago, near the offices of Muhammad Speaks and the popular Tiger Lounge. (© Lowell K. Riley)

A Chicago author tackles the complex life of Muhammad Ali in a new biography with some fascinating revelations.

GOP Senator Warns Trump’s Recklessness Could Lead to World War III

Cryptic comments, contradictory statements and tweets: President Donald Trump’s foreign policy approach has some members of his own party on edge.

From Gerrymandering to Gay Rights, Supreme Court Faces ‘Blockbuster’ Term

(Joe Ravi / Wikimedia Commons)

“Blockbuster” and “epic” are the words being used to describe the cases on the U.S. Supreme Court docket this term. We discuss the key cases.

Republicans and Democrats at Odds Over Trump Tax Plan

President Donald Trump recently said the heart of his tax proposal “is a giant, beautiful, massive – the biggest ever in our country – tax cut.” We take a closer look at the plan.

Unseasonable Heat Wave Ripens Last of Summer Crops

It may officially be fall, but for the past week Chicago has been experiencing a record-breaking heat wave. Jeanne Nolan joins us in the WTTW organic garden.

Conservationist Pioneer Helps Zimbabwe’s Rhinos Bounce Back

(Courtesy of Clive Stockil)

Meet Clive Stockil, a conservationist being honored in Chicago who is helping Zimbabwe’s rhinos bounce back from the threat of extinction.

The Little Rock Nine: Remembering Extraordinary Courage 60 Years Later

Elizabeth Eckford walks to Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Sixty years ago, on Sept. 25, 1957, nine courageous African-American teenagers changed history. We revisit our 2015 interview with the Little Rock Nine.

Better Batteries Hold Promise for a Sustainable Future

(Kārlis Dambrāns / Flickr)

Scientists around the world are working to develop the next generation of batteries. We speak with one who is leading the charge at Argonne National Laboratory.

Mueller Probe Intensifies as Former Trump Campaign Manager Targeted

The pressure rises on former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort as the Russia investigation of special counsel Robert Mueller heats up.

Cassini Spacecraft’s Stunning Mission to End With Fiery Saturn Descent

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft is shown during its Sept. 15, 2017, plunge into Saturn’s atmosphere in this artist’s depiction. ( Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech)

The Cassini mission has completely transformed our understanding of Saturn and identified two moons that could potentially harbor life. On Friday morning, the journey will come to a fiery end. 

Debating DACA: Trump Gives Congress 6 Months to Find a Fix

President Donald Trump has said he expects Congress to use the next six months to come up with a way to “legalize DACA.” But given the level of dysfunction in Congress, can that happen?

Nursing Homes Fight to Block Lawsuits From Residents

(Ann / Flickr)

A proposed new rule backed by the Trump administration would make it harder for nursing home residents to sue in cases of neglect and abuse. We discuss nursing home residents’ right to sue with the AARP.

Rick Telander Pledges Brain to Concussion Research

The Chicago Sun-Times sports columnist, a former college football player, joins Carol Marin to discuss football safety, concussions and his recent decision to donate his brain to science.

Trump Says Most Media ‘Dishonest People’ Who Don’t Like America

President Donald Trump’s contentious relationship with the media: Where did it all go wrong? Dan Miller and Rex Huppke join us in discussion.

Cash-Strapped Gary Schools Under Emergency Management

(Marc Chase /

WBEZ’s Northwest Indiana reporter Michael Puente joins to discuss the start of the new school year in Gary.

Hanging Out With Jeanne Nolan in Her ‘Happy Place’

The founder of The Organic Gardener says she always felt a strong connection to nature. “My garden is really a big part of where I like to spend my time and to feed my soul,” she said.

WTTW Garden Yields Bumper Harvest

It’s been a bountiful season for Chicago’s urban gardeners. Jeanne Nolan, The Organic Gardener, joins us with an update from our very own organic garden.

Bon Appetit Names Chicago ‘Restaurant City of the Year’

What makes Chicago a go-to destination for food lovers? We talk all things food with Catherine De Orio, host of WTTW’s “Check Please!”

Tullman to Step Down from 1871 Leadership Role at End of Year

“I think three or four years into something it’s important to let new ideas come in. It’s important to turn over the leadership,” 1871 CEO Howard Tullman said. “I want to give other people the opportunity to move up.”

Total Eclipse Brings Rare Spectacle to Illinois Aug. 21

A total solar eclipse, which is when the Moon completely covers the Sun, will occur across 14 states in the continental U.S. on Aug 21, 2017. (Credit: NASA)

All you need to know to get ready for the coming total eclipse of the sun.