Stories by Paul Caine

Democrats Call for Special Prosecutor After FBI’s Comey Fired

A retired former FBI supervisor and two former assistant U.S. attorneys share their reactions to the ouster of FBI Director James Comey.

Can Swearing Make You Stronger?

Rabiah Mayas returns to review some of the latest, breaking stories from the world of science.

Blair Kamin’s First Impressions of the Obama Library Plans

(Credit: Obama Foundation)

Chicagoans got their first look Wednesday at plans for the Obama Presidential Center. Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin gives us his first impressions.

Late State Payments Could Cost Medicaid Patients Access to Health Care

(The Javorac / Flickr)

More than two dozen health care providers are threatening to stop caring for poor patients unless the state pays its Medicaid bills. We talk with the reporter who broke the story. 

Poet Laureate on the Power of Poetry and Working with CPS

Juan Felipe Herrera

For the past year, Juan Felipe Herrera has been working with dozens of Chicago Public School teachers to bring his passion for poetry to thousands of ninth-grade students.

North Korean Missile Test, Military Exercises Have Region on Edge

“We have to look at North Korea as if Kim Jong-un will do what he says,” said Adm. Harry Harris.

Could heightened tension on the Korean Peninsula lead to a confrontation with North Korea?

How Gubernatorial Candidate Alex Paterakis Plans to Revive the State

A long-shot candidate for governor tells us why he thinks he’s got what it takes to lead the state.

Scott Simon’s ‘Love Story’ with Chicago Cubs

NPR host Scott Simon on his lifelong love for the Chicago Cubs and what that World Series win meant to him.

Rep. Randy Hultgren on Trump’s Foreign and Domestic Challenges

As President Donald Trump rediscovers the value of NATO we sit down with U.S. Rep. Randy Hultgren to talk about the president’s foreign and domestic agenda.

Gorsuch Sworn in as Supreme Court Justice 14 Months After Scalia’s Death

After a hyper-partisan confirmation process and a change to the filibuster rule in the Senate, Judge Neil Gorsuch was sworn in Monday by Justice Anthony Kennedy – the judge for whom he once served as a clerk.

Global Affairs Take Center Stage as Trump Welcomes Chinese President

Some major policy decisions for the Trump administration as global events heat up.

Head of Police Board Says Consent Decree Now ‘Unlikely’

The prospects for police reform without a consent decree from the Justice Department. 

Former Ghanaian President on Democracy and Losing Power

(John Dramani Mahama / Facebook)

John Mahama became president of Ghana following the death of his predecessor in 2012. But when he lost his re-election bid in 2016, he reaffirmed his commitment to democracy and a peaceful transition of power.

Documentary Puts Legendary Chicago Bluesman in Spotlight

Sam Lay (Courtesy “Sam Lay in Bluesland”)

Celebrating the life and musical legacy of Chicago blues legend Sam Lay.

Police Union Chief on Talks with President Trump

President Donald Trump met with police union leaders from across the country this week.

During a meeting this week with police union leaders from across the country, President Donald Trump reportedly asked Dean Angelo, the head of Chicago’s police union, “What’s going on in Chicago?”

Traffic Fatalities on the Rise Despite More Car Safety Features

(ruimc77 / Flickr)

With fatalities from motor vehicle crashes on the rise, could driverless cars steer us toward a safer future?

Field Museum Offers Behind-the-Scenes Look at ‘Encyclopedic’ Collections

(Courtesy of the Field Museum)

More than 30 million objects are stored behind the scenes at the Field Museum. A new exhibition addresses how scientists from all over the world are using the vast collections to make new discoveries.

Cook County Population Shrinks for 3rd Consecutive Year

WBEZ data reporter Chris Hagan

Cook County is shrinking again – and the 2016 drop in population is the biggest of any county in the entire country. Is this just a statistical blip or the beginning of an alarming trend?

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Making Science Fun, Understandable

Neil deGrasse Tyson joins Chicago Tonight’s Eddie Arruza for an extended conversation about science and our place in the cosmos. 

New Book Explores Murder Case that Brought Neuroscience to Court

How as a society should we define responsibility and free will? A new book by Chicago-based journalist Kevin Davis explores these issues.

The Science and Ethics of Editing Human Embryos

Earlier this month, an influential group backs editing the genes in human embryos to eliminate disease. Chicago Tonight guests discuss human gene editing and some of the ethical issues it raises.

Trump’s Russia Policy Sends Mixed Messages as Investigations Mount

As a House committee chair says no special prosecutor is needed to investigate Trump- Russia ties, a look at the evolving U.S.-Russia relationship.

Civil Rights Seminar at New Trier High School Sparks Intense Debate

Debate over how an elite North Shore high school should present a seminar on civil rights and racism.

NASA Discovers 7 Earth-Size Planets Orbiting Dwarf Star

An artist’s interpretation of what the surface of the exoplanet TRAPPIST-1f could look like. (NASA / JPL-Caltech)

NASA said earlier this week it had a major announcement coming Wednesday. What an announcement it turned out to be.

History of Complaints Raise Questions for West Side Police Commander

A West Side police commander has an unusually high number of complaints filed against him. We talk to the reporter who broke the story.