Stories by Paul Caine

Safe Drinking Study Suggests Alcohol Guidelines for Men Too Loose

(kaicho20 / Pixabay)

A massive new international study finds the health impacts of alcohol may be worse than previously thought.

Pension Liabilities Leave City, State With Few Options

(Ken Teegardin / Flickr)

With billions in unfunded pension liabilities, what options remain for lawmakers to defuse the state’s pension time bomb?

Why Troy LaRaviere Wants Mayor Emanuel’s Job

Troy LaRaviere

As principal of Blaine Elementary School in Lakeview, Troy LaRaviere was one of Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s harshest critics. Now he wants Emanuel’s job.

Trump’s Trade War Heats Up

Tensions over trade restrictions heat up as China responds with tariffs of its own on more than 100 U.S. products.

China’s First Space Station Crashes Back to Earth

Rabiah Mayas, one of our favorite explainers of all things scientific, shares some of the latest top science news from Chicago and around the world.

‘Heart is a Shifting Sea’ an Intimate Portrait of Marriage in India

Elizabeth Flock (Photo: Abbey Oldham)

A new book on changing attitudes towards love and marriage in India from an author with a local connection.

Aviation Official Ginger Evans on $8.5 Billion O’Hare Expansion Plan

“It truly is a win-win for everyone,” Chicago Aviation Department Commissioner Ginger Evans said about the expansion plan Wednesday, March 28.

What the massive O’Hare expansion project will mean for passengers and taxpayers.

Dozens of Russian Diplomats Expelled, Bolton Joins White House

President Donald Trump has named John Bolton, President George W. Bush’s United Nations ambassador, to be his next national security adviser.

As tensions ramp up with Russia, questions also grow about the direction of U.S. foreign policy with the arrival of a new national security adviser.

Driehaus Prize: Architects Focus on Public Housing With Classical Style

A still image from the documentary “Architects Marc and Nada Breitman: Talk of the Town.”

Geoffrey Baer travels to France to meet this year’s winners of the Driehaus Prize for architecture.

Raoul Emerges From Crowded Field to Be Democrats’ AG Pick

State Sen. Kwame Raoul emerged from a crowded field to win the Democratic nomination for attorney general – beating former Gov. Pat Quinn and six others in the process. He joins us in discussion.

Backed by Rauner, Former Miss America Harold is GOP Pick for AG

Erika Harold is a Harvard-trained lawyer and former Miss America. Strongly backed by Gov. Bruce Rauner, she is also the Republican candidate to replace Lisa Madigan as Illinois’ next attorney general. Harold joins us in discussion.

Kwame Raoul Wins Democratic Nomination for Illinois Attorney General

| Alexandra Silets
State Sen. Kwame Raoul participates in a Chicago Tonight candidate forum March 12, 2018.

State Sen. Kwame Raoul has won a hard-fought race against a crowded field of eight candidates vying to be the Democratic nominee for Illinois attorney general. He will face political neophyte and former Miss America Erika Harold who won the GOP nomination.

2018 Governor’s Race Forum: Republican Jeanne Ives

State Rep. Jeanne Ives is running an insurgent campaign to challenge Gov. Bruce Rauner in the Republican gubernatorial primary on March 20. Hear about her campaign and plans for the state in our full video.

Illinois Attorney General Forum: Republican Gary Grasso

There’s no shortage of candidates to replace Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan. But while Democrats have eight candidates to choose from, on the Republican side there are just two.

Sen. Fred Harris on the Kerner Report and Progress Made – and Lost

President Lyndon B. Johnson, seated, discusses the 1967 Detroit riot with members of his staff in the Oval Office. (LBJ Library photo by Yoichi Okamoto)

In 1967, African-Americans took their discontent to the street and President Lyndon Johnson tasked a commission to find out why. The last surviving member of that commission talks about progress made and lost in the years since.

Local Students Discuss Movement for Gun Law Reform

As survivors of the Parkland shooting return to school in Florida, we ask local high school students their thoughts on school safety and gun control.

Michio Kaku Explores Colonization of Mars, Travel to the Stars

This computer-generated image depicts part of Mars at the boundary between darkness and daylight. (Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

Could a new space race led by private entrepreneurs take humans to Mars and beyond? Futurist and best-selling author Michio Kaku talks about humanity’s destiny to colonize the solar system and reach for the stars.

Illinois Democrats Pushing for State Licensing for Gun Stores

As President Donald Trump indicates his desire to work on gun safety measures, Democrats in Springfield are aiming to tighten controls on gun dealers.

Sen. Dick Durbin Demands Action on Gun Control After Florida Massacre

Democrats remain committed to pushing for meaningful gun control, the U.S. Senator says. We discuss gun control, the Mueller investigation and efforts to get a deal for Dreamers.

Mueller Investigation Heats Up as 13 Russians Indicted

Special counsel Robert Mueller

President Trump’s national security adviser says there’s no doubt Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election. The latest on the Mueller investigation.

Von Steuben Robotics Team Leads the Way for Girls in Science

(Courtesy Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center)

Meet the team from Von Steuben High School that’s on its way to the prestigious U.S. Open Robotics Championship.

Critics Say Non-Disclosure Agreements Enable Abuse

Harvey Weinstein

Non-disclosure agreements enabled USA Gymnastics to cover up Larry Nassar’s crimes and Harvey Weinstein to silence his alleged victims. Should they be allowed—and are they enforceable?

DNAinfo Alumni to Launch New Hyperlocal Website

(Nltram242 / Flickr)

The news site DNAinfo Chicago shut down three months ago. Now, former staffers are coming back with a new business model and a new name, but with the same focus on hyperlocal news.

Elon Musk’s SpaceX: A New Era of Commercial Space Exploration?

Falcon Heavy demo mission on Feb. 6, 2018. (SpaceX / Flickr)

Could Elon Musk’s successful launch and landing of his Falcon Heavy rocket usher in a new era of commercial exploration—and exploitation—of space? This story and more from the world of science with Neil Shubin.

Three Corporate Titans Aim to Disrupt American Health Care

(Ken Teegardin / Flickr)

Three of the richest men in America want to bring radical change to health care. Could their new company bring down costs?