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Stories by Paris Schutz

Mayor: Gutting of Ethics Bill ‘Reinforces Cynicism’ of City Council

City Council passed much-debated and controversial new ethics rules today by a unanimous vote. Even aldermen who were disappointed at the final, watered-down rules still voted yes.  But the mayor said he didn’t agree with the final outcome.

When it Comes to Ethics, City Council Wants its Own Set of Rules

A committee of aldermen dealt a blow today to the mayor’s latest attempt at ethics reform aimed in part at strengthening oversight of City Council. 

Chicago Still May Not Be Ready for Reform

Mayor Emanuel Waters Down Ethics Plan in Face of Aldermanic Revolt

An ethics bill that would make it easier for the City Council’s watchdog to investigate aldermen has been watered down in the face of an aldermanic revolt.

IL Rep. Doesn't Pay Rent

A state representative hasn't paid rent on her district office in more than 10 years. So why are some top Democratic party officials trying to keep it that way? Paris Schutz has the story.

Replacing Sandi Jackson

A message to those interested and qualified in being appointed 7th ward alderman: the mayor will start accepting applications online next week.

CTA Control Center

Inside the “Heart” of the Nation’s Second Largest Transit System

How does the CTA keep its trains and buses operating on time? How prepared is it for a major incident like a terrorist attack? We get a rare look inside the transit system's high-tech nerve center.

Tax Implications of Fiscal Cliff Deal

The fiscal cliff is averted, but your tax bill will likely go up. We have more on what the deal means for Illinois taxpayers.

Seize Those Carp!

Dreaded Invaders Found in Chicago Lagoons

The Shedd Aquarium unveils three giant new Bighead Asian Carp. But just where were they caught, and what does it tell us about the battle to keep these invaders away from the Great Lakes? 

Sen. Kirk Makes First Live Appearance, Completes Willis Tower Climb

"Where's the beer?" Those were among the first words uttered by Republican U.S. Senator Mark Kirk after climbing 37 floors of the Willis Tower.  It was Kirk's much-anticipated first appearance in front of the public and reporters since suffering a debilitating stroke on January 21st that left him partially physically impaired.

More Potential Burge Victims Want Justice

More potential victims of torture under convicted former police commander Jon Burge come forward and say they want justice. Paris Schutz has the story.

Exclusive: Absentee Aldermen

When City Council Members Don’t Show Up for the Job

Which Chicago City Council member has missed the most meetings and what does it mean? Paris Schutz has the story.

Indicted Former State Rep’s Campaign Flyer

Oops! To the Derrick Smith campaign’s credit, the flyer came with a thin, white, strip of adhesive paper to cover the glaring typo.

Cook County’s New Approach to Juvenile Detention

Out of the detention center and back into the community. We go inside Cook County’s new “tough love” approach to juvenile justice.

Ryder Cup

It's not the Olympics, but it's close. We see how a small pocket of DuPage County is preparing for an onslaught of fans and international media as the 2012 Ryder Cup kicks off at Medinah Country Club.

Web Extra: Illinois Democrats Crash the Grand Ole' Party

Call it ground zero for the resistance. It’s a small office space in the first floor of a nondescript building -- one block from the security perimeter of the Tampa Bay Times Forum. Inside, reporters were packed to the gills as Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin and others from the Democratic National Committee held court.

Web Extra: Grand Old Partying

The atmosphere in the hotel Thursday morning was different. A lot of smiling; a lot of buzz among the delegates for tonight’s big show; although there were a lot of red eyes, too. That's because sleep has been at a premium.

Web Extra: House Speaker John Boehner

"Illinois Crucial for Republicans to Keep Control of Congress"

Relations between House Speaker John Boehner and former speaker Nancy Pelosi have never been warm. Speaking to the Illinois delegation this morning, Boehner indicated that the battle was back on.

Web Extra: Bleary-Eyed Reporters

If you tune to local convention coverage featuring dispatches from your favorite television political reporters (and your humble servant as well), you may notice something tonight: bloodshot eyes. You see, sleep was a bit hard to come by last night. Is it because we were out late into the night perusing the various after-hours fundraisers? Not exactly. Is it because we decided to jump off the grid, head to the famous Ybor City district and enjoy the fruits of Tampa's nightlife? Ahh, no.

Web Extra: Gambling Veto Reaction from Tampa

As Republicans finished their official events this morning, word spread that Gov. Pat Quinn had vetoed the gambling bill outright. Some of the Republican lawmakers we spoke with this morning had supported the bill, others had opposed, but all seemed united in criticizing the way the governor handled the veto.

Web Extra: Breaking the Ice with the Illinois Republicans

Members of the Illinois delegation wandered through the lobby of the Sheraton Sand Key Resort in steamy Tampa today, and were treated to a magnificent ice sculpture of the capitol - the site of many meltdowns.

Anyone Have a Raincoat?

Paris Schutz Heads to Republican National Convention

Chicago Tonight's Paris Schutz gears up to attend the Republican National Convention next week.

Web Extra: Capitol Pension Paralysis

After historic expulsion vote, the Illinois General Assembly fails to deliver on pension reform during the special session. Paris Schutz reports from Springfield.


Exclusive: Ald. Burke Says Yes to Watchdog’s Request for Records

Powerful alderman ‘intends to cooperate fully’

Chicago City Council's watchdog says he will "immediately" investigate records controlled by Ald. Ed Burke.

City’s Financial Forecast

The mayor says he’s cut the city’s budget deficit in half. It’s the one piece of positive news in an otherwise ominous financial forecast. Are tax hikes and spending cuts inevitable? We take a look.


Exclusive: City Council Watchdog Looks at Top Alderman

City Council's recently appointed watchdog is looking at Chicago's most powerful alderman, and is investigating 20 more aldermen or aldermanic staff members for potential wrongdoing. We have the exclusive details.