Stories by Hunter Clauss

Rauner Proposes Cuts to CPS, Meets with Top Legislative Leaders

Chicago schools chief Forrest Claypool slams the governor's education plan that sees CPS losing $74 million. We speak with our Springfield correspondent Amanda Vincky.

Reporters Shine Light on Alleged Victims in Dennis Hastert Case

Recent court documents claim former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert sexually abused five students. We talk with a Chicago Tribune reporter covering the case.

State Republican Leaders Unveil $1.3 Billion Spending Plan

Measure Called a 'Lifeline' for Social Services

State Republican leaders unveiled a $1.3 billion spending plan Thursday that they say will be a “lifeline” for social services and other programs that have struggled financially in the ongoing budget impasse.

Former Clerk to Merrick Garland Speaks About Working with Nominee

Merrick Garland (Courtesy of White House)

What's it like to work with Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland? We speak with one of his former law clerks about what it's like to work with the judge.

Lurie Study Finds Cannabis-Based Drug Reduces Seizures in Kids

A groundbreaking study partially conducted at Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago found that a marijuana extract greatly reduced severe seizures in some children.

House Back in Session But No Sign of Budget

State lawmakers return to Springfield this week to vote on a number of measures, but not on the agenda is the No. 1 topic of discussion—the state budget that should have gone into effect last year.

New Book Argues ‘Equal is Unfair’

In the new book "Equal is Unfair," authors from the Ayn Rand Institute argue that fighting income inequality is misguided. One of the authors joins “Chicago Tonight” to argue his case.

CPS Prepares for 1-Day Teachers Strike

Chicago public school teachers will go on a one-day strike this Friday that may or may not be legal. Chicago Public Schools Chief Forrest Claypool joins “Chicago Tonight” to talk about the upcoming one-day teachers strike and what parents should do. 

Illinois Supreme Court Crushes Emanuel’s Pension Rescue Plan

Illinois Supreme Court (Alanscottwalker)

The Illinois Supreme Court dealt Mayor Rahm Emanuel a major setback Thursday in his efforts of saving two of the city’s four public employee pension funds, which city officials say could go broke within the next 15 years.

Analyzing Efforts to Stop Trump, Possibility of Brokered GOP Convention

Donald Trump (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Efforts to derail Donald Trump's momentum heat up within the GOP as voters in Arizona and Utah decide who to support in Tuesday's primaries.

Unpacking Adam LaRoche’s Decision to Retire

Adam LaRoche (Keith Allison / Flickr)

Several athletes are voicing their support of Adam LaRoche’s abrupt decision to retire this week after White Sox executive vice president Ken Williams reportedly told LaRoche to limit his son’s time in the clubhouse.

Kim Foxx Wins Cook County State’s Attorney Race

Kim Foxx, left, Anita Alvarez

Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez lost her bid for re-election to Kim Foxx in a race that was widely seen as a referendum on her handling of the police shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.

Ballot Boxing: Looking at Contentious Races in Tuesday's Primary

Natasha Korecki on "Chicago Tonight" with Carol Marin

It’s the eve of a particularly heated primary election for a number of heavily contested races, from the increasingly close presidential races in both parties to the high-profile, money-saturated slugfest for Cook County state's attorney.

Forum: Cook County State's Attorney Candidates

The Democratic candidates running for Cook County State's Attorney joined us in their final appearance together before Tuesday's primary. The high-profile race comes as faith in the criminal justice system has been shaken not only in Chicago, but also in cities across the nation.

Illinois’ 1st Congressional District Candidates

Incumbent Bobby Rush and Alderman Howard Brookins Jr. discuss their race for the Democratic nomination in the 1st Congressional District. 

Ex-CIA, NSA Head Michael Hayden Reflects on Time at Agencies

He is a retired four-star general who has the distinction of being the only person to head both the NSA and CIA. In his new memoir, “Playing to the Edge,” Michael Hayden candidly reflects on his time at both agencies during the turbulent, post-9/11 war on terror. 

Illinois' 8th Congressional District Candidates

The latest in our 2016 election forums focuses on the 8th Congressional District where three candidates are vying to replace U.S. Rep. Tammy Duckworth.

State Lawmakers on CPS, MAP Grants and Budget Woes at Universities

Like a planet drifting into a black hole, the state’s unprecedented political stalemate over the budget is increasingly sucking public education into financial uncertainty. State lawmakers discuss the fight over public education and Gov. Bruce Rauner's budget ultimatum.

U.S. Attorney Zachary Fardon Discusses Ongoing Federal Probe into CPD

Zachary Fardon

As the U.S. Department of Justice carries out its investigation of the Chicago Police Department, U.S. Attorney Zachary Fardon joins us to discuss updates on the probe, the recent spike in gun violence gripping the city, and some of the high-profile cases his office has handled over the last few months.

From the Closet to City Hall: Looking at Chicago's 'Queer Clout'

Close-up of protesters at gay-liberation rally in Grant Park, April 1970. (Margaret Olin)

The political awakening of Chicago's gay and lesbian community is documented in a new book called "Queer Clout: Chicago and the Rise of Gay Politics."

Gov. Rauner Gives Lawmakers 2 Options in 2nd Budget Address

Gov. Bruce Rauner delivers his second budget address.

Gov. Bruce Rauner on Wednesday laid out two options for state lawmakers in his second budget address. Tonight, Amanda Vinicky joins us live from Springfield with more details of the governor’s budget proposal and response from Democratic legislative leaders.

Chicago State University President on School’s Financial Crisis

Amid the budget stalemate, many public universities have been operating without funding from the state. Chicago State University has gone most of the fiscal year without a third of its budget. CSU President Thomas Calhoun Jr. tells us what's at stake.

Aldermen Sound Off On Inspector General Ordinance

Efforts to pass a stronger plan making the City Council more accountable were sidelined yesterday. Aldermen tells us what happened behind the scenes.

Former Legislative Inspector General Faisal Khan Speaks Out

Faisal Khan

As aldermen debate who should be allowed to investigate them, former City Council watchdog Faisal Khan talks about his time at City Hall and why he billed the city for a flat-screen TV.

Chicago Teachers Union Rallies Against Cuts

Chicago teachers took to the streets Thursday to protest $100 million in new cuts being made by the financially troubled Chicago Public Schools that is struggling to close a $480 million budget gap.