Stories by Andrea Guthmann

Words and Wisdom About ‘Aging Thoughtfully’ in New Book

(Hugo Chisholm / Flickr)

In a culture obsessed with youth and beauty, aging can be an ugly topic. The co-authors of a new book discuss retirement, romance, wrinkles and more.

New Chicago Community Trust CEO ‘Excited About Making Huge Impact’

Helene Gayle

Meet Dr. Helene Gayle, the new CEO of the Chicago Community Trust, and find out what the future holds for this 102-year-old philanthropic organization.   

Suburban High School Football in Downward Spiral, Analysis Shows

Youth football seems to be taking a hit. We speak with a Daily Herald investigative reporter about steep declines in high school football participation.

New Guidebook Highlights 111 Unique Chicago Attractions

Meet Amy Bizzarri, the author of a new guidebook highlighting the unusual, unknown and often hidden side of Chicago.   

Trading Places: Former Export-Import Bank Chair Discusses Trade

Fred Hochberg, the former head of the nation's Export-Import Bank, shares his thoughts on free trade under an administration that puts America first.

Where Does Chicago’s Yard Waste Go?

Many Illinois residents are unaware of a 1990 state law making it illegal to mix lawn waste with household garbage. WBEZ reporter Monica Eng has the dirt on Chicago’s yard waste disposal program.

Making Headlines: ProPublica Illinois Nonprofit Newsroom Launches

ProPublica Illinois, the first regional newsroom for the nonprofit website ProPublica, officially launched this week. We speak with Editor-in-Chief Louise Kiernan.

Marketing Justice: ‘Law-Mart’ Examines For-Profit Law Schools

A new book questions whether for-profit law schools benefit students, or just investors. A discussion with author Riaz Tejani.

Chicago Journalist’s ‘Algren: A Life’ Reveals New Details About Writer

Nelson Algren sitting beneath a viaduct in Chicago. (Library of Congress)

He was a literary giant who chronicled the seedy side of the city. We talk with the author of a new biography about Chicago writer Nelson Algren.

Neil Steinberg Shares Advice, Sobering Quotes on Addiction in New Book

Neil Steinberg (Chicago Tonight)

The Chicago Sun-Times columnist muses on weathering the holidays without alcohol and his anthology on addiction, “Out of the Wreck I Rise: A Literary Companion to Recovery.”

Taking Stock of the Economy: 2017 Outlook

Janet Yellen (Courtesy of CNN)

Unemployment is down, the stock market is up and the Federal Reserve raises interest rates. Just how strong is the American economy? Two Chicago economists take stock of what’s in store for 2017. 

Major Concerns at Columbia? College Addresses Declining Enrollment

The president of Columbia College Chicago on why there’s been a big drop in enrollment at the school and challenges to its identity in the world of creativity.

Fact vs. Fiction: The Increasingly Real Problem of Fake News

(Jason Howie / Flickr)

The pope endorses Donald Trump. Michelle Obama unfollows Hillary Clinton on Twitter. These days fake news is making real news. Could you be spreading lies on your Facebook feed?

Tips for Getting Along with Family, Friends Post-Election

Worried that politics might spoil your Thanksgiving meal? Two local psychologists serve up recipes for a peaceful post-election family gathering. 

Tensions High After Fatal Weekend Shooting in Mount Greenwood

WBEZ reporter Shannon Heffernan joins us with the latest on the fatal police-involved shooting of 25-year-old Joshua Beal.

New Documentary ‘Count Me In’ Highlights Participatory Budgeting

Skeptical about how the government spends your money? We preview a documentary about a movement that gives citizens their 2 cents in how tax dollars are spent.

Author Examines Parental Involvement in College Women’s Success

When is less more? A new book highlights the pros and cons of parents who hover, even into college.

Town Hall Debate Could Be Challenging Format for Both Clinton, Trump

Election Day is just a little more than four weeks away. “PBS NewsHour” correspondent John Yang joins us to talk about Sunday's presidential debate and how the campaign is shaping up.

Chicago Journalist’s ‘Algren: A Life’ Reveals New Details About Writer

Nelson Algren sitting beneath a viaduct in Chicago. (Library of Congress)

He was a literary giant who chronicled the seedy side of the city. We talk with the author of a new biography about Chicago writer Nelson Algren.

Discussing the Future of Autonomous Automobiles

The arrival of driverless cars is shifting into high gear. They've already pulled into Pittsburgh–should Chicago give them the green light? A transportation engineer tells us about the future of autonomous automobiles.   

‘Screenwise’ Book Offers Practical Advice for Digital Age of Parenting

The new book “Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive (and Survive) in Their Digital World” by Devorah Heitner.

Technology is creating challenges for today's parents. A local author has advice for how parents can plug into the changing world of social media, apps and the online world.

How to Make Sense of ‘The Five Life Decisions’

What career path to choose, who to marry, whether to have children. A University of Chicago economist tells us how basic economic principles can help you figure out life's biggest decisions.  

Making Sense of Illinois’ Changing Health Care Landscape

A growing number of health insurance companies are pulling out of Obamacare. Checking out the latest on the Affordable Care Act.  

Chicago Maritime Museum Opens in Bridgeport

The new permanent location for the museum opens on Saturday. Chicago Tonight got a preview of the new space located on the Bubbly Creek branch of the Chicago River. 

Political Life of Abraham Lincoln Chronicled in New Book Series

The political life of America’s 16th president is being told in a new multi-volume series by Chicago native Sidney Blumenthal.