Stories by Rhyan Zuercher

GOP Gubernatorial Race

Carol Marin and her guests gauge the climate of the Illinois governor race and the support for Republican primary candidates.

Northwestern University’s Qatar Campus

We chat with Dean Everette Dennis about Northwestern University’s Qatar campus, and the communications hub in Doha that is forging a new path for journalists in the Middle East. Read an interview.

Koldyke Fellow Providing Educational Tools for Change

We talk with Kiran Bir Sethi from Ahmedabad, India who is changing the formula for childhood education on a global scale and is this year’s Patricia Blunt Koldyke Fellow in Entrepreneurship. Read an article.

Art in Motion

Berkeley-based artist and former Chicago reporter Diane Abt shares her calligraphy-inspired artwork that will be featured in the 12th Annual Art in Motion fundraiser at Northwestern Memorial Hospital to raise money for the rehabilitation center. Read an interview and view a slideshow.

Preckwinkle’s Major Renovation Projects for 2014

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle joins us to talk about the board's proposed forest reserve restoration project and upcoming plans for 2014. Read an article.

The NextGen of Chicago Tech Startups

Chicago is growing as a tech hub but industry insiders say the old model of venture capitalists investing in startups needs a reworking. We talk with two major players of the city’s tech scene who tell us why Chicago needs a new mindset to move forward. View a slideshow and read an interview.

Chicago Pushes For More Vaccine Coverage

The Chicago Department of Public Health is ramping up its campaign to increase teenage HPV vaccination coverage. We talk vaccinations and disease prevention with the agency’s medical director, Dr. Julie Morita. Read an interview and view graphics on HPV.

Chicago Incubator Reinventing the Legal Field

Chicago’s shared, professional spaces are popping up all over town, and now there is one for attorneys. The Chicago Bar Foundation-sponsored program supplies new lawyers with the skills and knowledge to start their own businesses while reaching a growing number of those in need. Read an article about the incubator.

Metra Talks Perfect Storm and Delays

We talk with Metra’s interim CEO Don Orseno, Metra board member Jack Schaffer, and Chicago Tribune transportation reporter Richard Wronski about the commuter issues encountered last week during the polar vortex, and what the agency plans to change for future storms. Read an interview.

Chicago’s Regulation of E-Cigarettes

We speak with medical and policy specialists regarding the City Council ordinance passed Wednesday to regulate e-cigarettes as tobacco products. Read an interview.

"Cybersecurity and Cyberwar"

We are joined by author Peter W. Singer to talk cybersecurity, his new book and what you need to know to protect yourself online. Read an excerpt.

Chicago Rapper Rhymefest Hits the Airwaves

We talk with Grammy-Award winner Che “Rhymefest” Smith about his new talk show on WVON-AM that focuses on politics and social issues in Chicago. Read an interview and view a slideshow.

Connected Education Impacts Chicago Schools

We talk with Digital Learning Coordinator Jennie Magiera about how technology is enhancing the school experience for CPS students. Read an interview.

Rob Delaney

We revisit a conversation with stand-up comic and Twitter sensation Rob Delaney about life in comedy, his past struggles with addiction, and his new book. Watch a web extra video.

Tribune’s "Ask Amy" Column Celebrates 10 Years

We talk with the Chicago Tribune’s syndicated columnist Amy Dickinson about relationships, love, and healthy living advice she has doled out for the past decade in her column, Ask Amy. Watch a web extra video.

Police Supt. McCarthy on Chicago Crime

The murder rate in Chicago is down compared to last year, but some community members are concerned over police tactics used. We talk with Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy about the crime rate in Chicago, gun legislation and police initiatives for the coming year. Read an article.

Federal Reserve May Slow Stimulus Program

The U.S. Federal Reserve is expected to scale back its $85 billion a month bond-buying program. As Fed policymakers convene this week, financial insiders speculate what the timetable for a stimulus wind-down could look like. We talk with two Chicago economists about the stimulus program and what federal tapering means for businesses and consumers. Read an interview.

Ivo Daalder

The American State of Flux and Chicago’s Role

Chicago and the U.S. are in a transitional phase in terms of how they are perceived on the global stage according to Ivo Daalder, President of The Chicago Council on Global Affairs. We talk with Daalder about Council initiatives that are working to bring Chicago and the country into a new age of diplomacy. Read an article.

Ashland BRT

Debate over an Ashland Bus Rapid Transit line is heating up as community meetings take place this week to gauge public sentiment. We talk with Ald. George Cardenas (12th) and Metropolitan Planning Council Vice President Peter Skosey about the advantages and challenges facing this long-term project. Read an interview.

Pension Vote Analysis

Carol Marin and her panel of guests look at Tuesday's historic pension vote in Springfield. View interactive graphics to see how Senate and House members voted on the bill, and read a Q&A with Republican Sen. Matt Murphy.

New Cholesterol Risk Calculator Under Pressure

The risk calculator included in the recently released guidelines for lowering cholesterol have been questioned by a number of leaders in the field of cardiology. We speak with two specialists on different sides of the controversy. Read an interview.

Google Wins Fair Use Suit Against Authors

A lawsuit that began in 2005 was ruled in favor of Google’s mission to digitize millions of books this month. Read an article about the court ruling.

Rob Delaney

We speak with stand-up comic and Twitter sensation Rob Delaney about life in comedy, his past struggles with addiction, and his new book. Watch a web extra video.

Cholesterol Treatment Changes After 4-Year Review

New guidelines were released Tuesday that will alter how doctors treat patients at risk for stroke and heart disease. 

Trans Fat Phaseout

The FDA proposed a ban Thursday of partially hydrogenated oils that create the byproduct trans fat. Large restaurant chains and manufacturers have been limiting the trans fat content in their products for years, but some question whether a ban is the most effective approach to preventing heart disease. Read an interview.

Vacant Churches

An increasing number of old churches are for sale in Chicago, but what should buyers do with them? We tell you about the debate over reuse versus demolition. View a slideshow.