Stories by Natalie Valdes

Chicago Protesters Join Baltimore in Solidarity

Charles Preston is a member of the Black Youth Project 100 in Chicago. BYP has organized this week's protests in solidarity with Baltimore to show their support and also highlight structural problems in their own community. 

Credit: Linda Oyama Bryan

“Inventing the New American House”

A Chicago Architect's Legacy

In his new book, Stuart Cohen takes us back to the early 20th century for a look at Howard Van Doren Shaw's architectural footprint on the typical American home.

A Change of Heart

How Jeanne Bishop Forgave Her Sister's Murderer

Change of Heart tells the story of one woman's journey of forgiveness after a 16-year-old boy murdered her sister and brother-in-law. Jeanne Bishop recounts how her faith, career, and family allowed her to make peace. 

Blair Kamin on Wrigley Changes

Chicago Tribune's Pulitzer Prize-winning architecture critic Blair Kamin stops by to discuss the renovation efforts to iconic Wrigley Field, including the new video board.