Stories by Josclynn Brandon

Next Door

Next Door is the place people frequent when they can’t get any work done at home, when they are looking for extra space to hold a meeting, and where they want to network and collaborate with like creative minds. It’s also the place where they receive financial coaching and discover their inner awesome. Read an article and view a slideshow.

Overdosing on Antibiotics

Are hospitals over-prescribing antibiotics to their patients? A recent report by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that some clinicians prescribe three times as many antibiotics than clinicians in other hospitals, which can sometimes result in a patient taking an antibiotic for too long, potentially causing super-resistant infections. We discuss the effects of overdosing on antibiotics and how hospitals can improve antibiotic-prescribing. Read an interview and view a graphic of antibiotic prescriptions in the U.S. by state.

Study: Alzheimer's is Third Leading Cause of Death

We take a look at a new study that says Alzheimer’s is the third leading cause of death with one of the study’s researchers, Bryan James of Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center. Read the full study, an article about super-agers, and view a graphic on Alzheimer's disease.

Taxing Retirees?

Just weeks before Gov. Pat Quinn is set to make his budget address, government watchdog group The Civic Federation releases a proposal it says will balance the state’s budget. The plan would pay down the state’s backlog, but would impose a tax on pension and social security income. Civic Federation President Laurence Msall and State Director for AARP Illinois Bob Gallo discuss how the proposal could affect retirees. Read the full report.

The Impact of African American Programming on Public Affairs TV

Jim Tilmon discusses his career, WTTW’s “Our People,” and the impact African American programming has had on public affairs television.

Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson

Gary, Indiana Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson joins us to discuss drug courts, Gary making progress and more. Watch her state of the city address and read an interview about the War on Drugs.

Tavi Gevinson

We revisit a conversation with Oak Park native, actress, blogger and magazine editor Tavi Gevinson. She joins us to talk about growing up in the public eye, college, and editing her new book: Rookie Yearbook Two. Read excerpts and watch videos.

Continue The Dream: Remembering Dr. King

We take a look to see how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is being celebrated across the city today. Read a blog and watch videos.

17-Year-Old Primary Voting

17-year-olds can now vote in the primary election on March 18. We sit down with the two men that helped make that possible, Stevenson High School teachers Andrew Conneen and Dan Larsen, and Stevenson high school student Neli Farahmandpour, who testified in Springfield to the Senate Executive Committee. Read an article.

2013 Movies

Last year was a big year in film and award season is just around the corner. Joining us to talk about their picks for 2013 and contenders for award season’s biggest honors are Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune, Bill Stamets a freelancer for the Chicago Sun-Times and Newcity, and Jeanne Kaplan of Kaplan vs. Kaplan Film Critics. Watch film trailers.

Malcolm X College

We take a look at community residents who are getting trained to help construct the new Malcolm X College. Read an interview and view a slideshow.

Emily Graslie Addresses Sexism in Science

Emily Graslie, creator of the “The Brain Scoop” YouTube channel, talks about her recent video addressing sexist comments and the lack of women in the science industry. Watch the video.

Tavi Gevinson

Oak Park native, actress, blogger and magazine editor Tavi Gevinson joins us to talk about growing up in the public eye, college, and editing her new book: Rookie Yearbook Two. Read excerpts and watch videos.

New Metra Board

After a scandal that resulted in the resignation of its CEO, Metra is looking for a new leader. Elizabeth Brackett sits down with new Metra board members to talk about leadership and the company’s vision going forward.

Lawmakers to Return to Springfield

Illinois lawmakers return to Springfield this week to vote on pension reform. Carol Marin and her guests discuss the deal, and what it would mean for employees. Read the full Conference Committee Report on Senate Bill 1 and details of the proposal.

Taking a Look at Uptown 40 Years Ago

A passion for photography and curiosity about the neighborhood drew Chicagoan Bob Rehak to Uptown. Over the course of four years, he captured what everyday life was like for neighborhood residents during the mid-1970s. Those photographs—now 40 years old—are being shared in a new book. We talk with the photographer and author.

State of the Stock Market

History was made on Wall Street, as The Dow topped the 16,000 mark for the first time ever. S&P 500 also reached a new high, as it briefly surpassed 1,800. Both indexes are up more than 20 percent this year, but what does this all mean? Our panel of experts has analysis.

Clinical Medical Ethics

The doctor-patient relationship can sometimes become a tricky one, and health care professionals are working towards improving the process and outcome of patient care. What are some of the key issues facing patients, health care professionals and ethics? We talk with Dr. Peter Angelos, the Associate Director of the MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics.

Joshua DuBois

For years President Obama would receive daily devotional messages on his Blackberry. They were scriptures, quotes and short stories…all words of encouragement and inspiration which the president himself said “meant the world." Now you can read some of the daily devotionals in a new book called The President’s Devotional.  The book’s author, Joshua DuBois joins us to share some of the President’s favorite scriptures, and the words of reinforcement that got the President through tough times.

City Council Office of Financial Analysis

Carol Marin talks with Ald. Michele Smith (43rd) and Ald. Scott Waguespack (32nd) about the newly announced City Council Office of Financial Analysis.

"The Chicago Reporter" in the Digital Age

Susan Smith Richardson, the new editor and publisher of The Chicago Reporter, joins us to talk about her role, changes to the publication, and adapting to the digital age. Read an interview.

Richard Sandor

Richard Sandor is known as the “father of financial futures," and he just received the French Legion of Honor for  accomplishments in the field of environmental finance and carbon trading. He joins us to talk about the award, and his recent work.

Feeling Stressed?

Finances, relationships, employment or the lack thereof, can all bring stress to your life. But what is stress really doing to your body? Dr. Charles Hebert of Rush Medical Center, and Joanna Hakimi, a therapist with Symmetry Counseling, discuss the effects stress has on your body, and ways to manage your stress. Read about signs and symptoms of stress, along with prevention techniques.

Running the Runways

The O’Hare Modernization Program (OMP) is one of the largest construction projects in the country at one of the world’s busiest airports. The airport currently has intersecting runways, which will be modernized to parallel runways, and in return reduce flight delays and increase capacity. However, the new runway, which is set to open on October 17, is not being welcomed by area residents. We find out why. Read an interview with Congressman Mike Quigley.

Advancements in Alzheimer’s Research

Researchers in the fight against Alzheimer’s may have found a way to detect the disease early on. They discovered small toxins related to Alzheimer’s, which builds up in the brain, attacking the brain’s memory centers. Collaborators  are trying to discover a way to protect the brain from these toxins, or even better, prevent them from building up in the first place. Dr. William Klein, an Alzheimer’s disease researcher at Northwestern University, joins us with details. Read facts and figures about Alzheimer's disease and watch a video.

All About the Benjamins

A newly redesigned $100 bill went into circulation on Tuesday. With a new paper blend, modernized security features and an updated portrait of Benjamin Franklin, the new bill will be more difficult to counterfeit. See photos and security features of the new bill.