Stories by Hunter Clauss

Veeps Take Center Stage, But Does it Matter?

Sen. Tim Kaine and Gov. Mike Pence squared off Tuesday night, but did it move any voters? We talk presidential politics. 

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The Role of Newspaper Endorsements in Elections

Only 35 days until Election Day and newspapers across the country are making some surprising endorsements. We talk with local editorial board members. 

Talking Politics at Work: What to Avoid at the Water Cooler

This year's heated election is spilling over into the workplace. Are there any benefits to talking about politics at work? 

Kate McKinnon and Larry David portray Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in a “Saturday Night Live” sketch that aired in May 2016. (Courtesy NBC)

Looking at the Intersection of Comedy and Politics

Monday's presidential debate sparked some laughs. We look at how comedians have tackled this election, what's resonated and what has fallen flat. 

Clinton-Trump Debate: What to Look For as Candidates Square Off

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will share the stage for the first time at Monday's presidential debate. A primer on what to look for during the highly anticipated event. 

Aldermen React to Mayor Emanuel’s Speech on Violence

As the city faces its worst spate of violence in many years, will the mayor's new proposals and initiatives turn the tide of Chicago's violent crime once and for all?

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How Federal Authorities Assess Risk in a Post-9/11 World

We look at what the recent bombings in New York and New Jersey say about counterterrorism efforts in the U.S.

Online Comments: Dumping Ground for Trolls or Useful Tool for Readers?

More and more news organizations are putting an end to comment sections on their websites. We have a discussion with two local editors and a Chicago Tribune columnist who recently wrote about the topic.

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Dialing Up Defenses to Cybersecurity

Whether fictional or real, stories of hacking appear to be everywhere. We discuss online security and the public’s fascination with hackers with two local experts.

Who Are the Hobos? Trial Gets Underway for ‘Renegade Group’ of Gangs

Federal prosecutors say the Hobos street gang terrorized the South and West Sides. We look at this so-called "super gang" as some alleged members stand trial for murder.

What’s Next for Remap Reform in Illinois? Lawmakers Weigh In

Hear from state lawmakers about where remap reform goes after a recent proposal was shot down by a divided Illinois Supreme Court. 

Ranking Chicago’s Schools and Public Education Innovators

Chicago magazine is out with a new ranking of the best public schools in the Chicago area. We discuss the list, the methodology and public education innovators with features editor David McAninch.

Emanuel Says He Plans ‘Major Address’ on Gun Violence

Acknowledging the historically high murder rate in Chicago this month, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Tuesday told “Chicago Tonight” that he is planning a major address in mid-September to deal with violence.

Che "Rhymefest" Smith

Rhymefest on Being Treated ‘Disgustingly’ by Police Following Robbery

Carol Marin talks with Rhymefest about his mugging, what he thinks of the man who robbed him and how his treatment by police have change his perceptions about cops.

U.S. Cellular Field (Bryce Edwards / Flickr)

Sox Fans Guarantee New Naming Rights for Ballpark Will Be Mocked

The new name for U.S. Cellular Field is striking out with many White Sox fans. The story of how Guaranteed Rate Field came to be.

Donald Trump (Gage Skidmore / Flickr)

Trump Shakes Up Staff as Campaign Tries to Broaden Base

Some conservatives are questioning whether the latest campaign moves will help Donald Trump broaden his base of support.

Delta Outage Raises Questions About Airline Computing Systems

The Delta computer outage that resulted in thousands of cancelled flights raises questions about the systems used by the airline. Just how vulnerable to the same problem are all the airlines?

This view of Earth's horizon as the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean was taken by an Expedition 7 crew member onboard the International Space Station (ISS). Anvil tops of thunderclouds are also visible. (NASA)

Nuclear Codes, Doomsday Clocks: A Look at the President’s Atomic Power

The nuclear codes come up during almost every presidential election. We talk with the woman overseeing the Doomsday Clock about the president's authority over the nation's nuclear arsenal. 

U.S. Rep. Robin Kelly

Rep. Robin Kelly on Chicago Gun Violence, Zika Virus and More

Three street gangs have allegedly vowed to target cops in the wake of the fatal police shooting of Paul O'Neal. We talk with the member of Congress who represents the area where O'Neal was shot.

Sharon Fairley

IPRA Chief Sharon Fairley Explains Decision for Releasing O’Neal Videos

Newly released videos capturing the events leading up to the fatal police shooting of 18-year-old Paul O’Neal sparked protests over the weekend.

Taking the Temperature on Mayor’s Water, Sewer Tax Proposal

Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to slap a tax on water and sewer bills. We take a closer look at the proposal with a panel of aldermen. 

Chicago-Area Man Aims to Be Full-Time Pokemon Trainer

The smartphone game has taken Chicago by storm. We hunt down and follow some of the area’s most dedicated players, including one who hopes to turn his hobby into a career.

Inspiration Kitchens in Uptown closed its doors Sunday, July 31.

Uptown Restaurant with Mission to Help Homeless Closes

Inspiration Kitchens had been a fixture of the Uptown neighborhood for 11 years. But owners of the restaurant say a loss of federal funding and the state's historic budget impasse made it difficult to maintain a financial foothold.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (Credit, from left: Gage Skidmore, Phil Roeder / Flickr)

Bernie Sanders: Hillary Clinton ‘Best Candidate’ for Presidency

Donald Trump aims to raise $1M at Chicago fundraiser

Will an endorsement from Bernie Sanders win over the Bernie-or-Bust crowd for Hillary Clinton? The latest in the race for president.

Chicago Cops React to Dallas Shootings

Dallas Police Chief David Brown had some stern words for lawmakers Monday. We talk with two former Chicago cops about last week's deadly mass shooting.

Pat Quinn Pushing for Mayoral Term Limits, Elected Consumer Advocate

The former Illinois governor is back in the spotlight and campaigning, but not for a political office – or so he says.