SCI Corp in Houston are Liars ! I was the one who ripped off all of the ribbons on the trees back in October when they were still standing. I called Diane who is the Mgr at Rosehill and Called SCI in Texas to tell them about my intuition back then that they were going to cut down over 100 healthy beautiful Oak trees and to Please Do something. They told me at that time that they would. Dianne, the Manager at Rosehill told me that they were going to cut down only a few trees. They all Lied! They demolished the size of a Football Field filled with Lovely Old Oaks. Just like Mayor Daley bulldozed Meggs Field in the middle of the
night, so they would not get resistance. Those Trees were suppose to be Protected. NOW, after the damage has been done, they are saying, along with Bob Foster, the Rep for Rosehill, that the trees were cut down by "MISTAKE". I don't think so! You are Correct - The city is Broke . And at the expense of the trees and all of the wildlife that once thrived there, Dirty Chgo $ has gone into the wrong hands. They Knew what they were doing. So much for having a Nature Preserve, when there is no more Nature Left! Shame on Rahn Emanuel and all of you who destroyed this once beautiful hidden peaceful gem of the city! All of the Great Horned Owls and Coyotes that lived there are all Gone ! Over 100 Healthy Beautiful Oak Trees which I tried to save back in October have gone to their death. They said they were cut down by Mistake. Mistakes like this should of never happened. This should be Investigated. They won't talk about THAT on the show. So much for having a nature Preserve with the nature destroyed. Turning this wilderness into a cultivated landscape was a mistake. Humans and nature cannot mingle when there is no respect for nature. That was proven by the so called "MISTAKE".