Our school Oscar DePriest has been placed on the CPS closing list. On your show tonight and past shows it has been stated by CPS that schools that were doing well academically would not be targeted for closure. Yet our school has been placed on that list even after the achievement of getting off "Academic Probation" and remaining off probation for the past several years. Also, our school has recieved numerous awards for academic achievements and recently recieved one from Govenor Quinn. We also have several "Golden Apple Recipients" teaching at our school and one teacher who just recieved a Golden Apple in 2012. DePriest is the only Westside Area School that has an Autism Cluster Program from Pre-kindergarten through Eighth grade and a Visually Immpaired Pre-kindergarten in CPS and are staffed with a dedicated faculty. Plus, Depriest School does not meet the criteria of the 50% under utilization of a building which is the standard to be on the "list for closure." We currently have a student population of approximately 560 in building that houses up to 700 students. DePriest has a highly qualified and dedicated administration and staff devoted to teaching quality education to their students. Why would CPS place such successful academic institution on their closure list?