I am VERY disappointed in how you've scheduled the 2nd District forums.

Monday, you had essentially the top tier candidates, according to polls.

The next day, you had the "2nd tier" of candidates, who polled under the top 3.

Now, i understand having all 15 is impractical. But you should have divided them up, with one "top tier" with one "2nd tier" and then 2-3 "lowest tier" candidates.

Here's why am "angry":

1. You have had more than a month to set this up (we knew the list of candidates the week on Jan. 9)
2. You are NOT funded by political ads, so you do NOT have to kiss up or bow down to the people whohave the most money
3. EVERY ONE of the candidates seemed to have passed what the LAW says makes them an equal candidate, so you should treat EACh ONE as such.
4. Your program is one of the most watched among local politics, so you have the "authority" to even the odds, and allow VIEWERS to decide who is really "top tier"... since you not hindered by money or politics, and should have no political reason to perpetuate the myth of "real" candidates, you could have allowed vewers the opportunity to judge each candidate equally. It might be a "pain" for viewers to have to watch 3-4 shows to catch ALL of the Democratic candidates . But since only 1 candidate has a SUPER SUPER PAC behind them (with literally millions), those that only have hundreds (if that) deserve a chance to be heard.

CLTV's Politics Tonight was able to rotate between both Democratic and Republican candidates in 1 hour, and give viewers a chance to judge if they want to hear more.

The format, however, I do like, and feel like Phil Ponce rotated among all of them, and each seemed to have a chance to answer questions relevent to them.

In the GENERAL election, PLEASE PLEASE treat ALL remaining candidates equal...not just in a debate with ALL of them...but also your REPORTERS need to make sure they get responses from ALL candidates. Charles Thomas is the only oneI have seen do such a thing (the 2010 senate race). WTTW should be REGULARLY doing so.