buy the rumor | sell the news ..
we have a tendancy to view the world from the DOW30 stocks plus - thats by design - to aquire cash for corporations to build factories and pay salaries .. I just want to reminds folks that cash sloshes like waves on ocean seashores ie out of stocks to somewhere .. hense somewhere is up today

take Apple - its possible the stock in loosing some value as east-coasters cash stocks to buy survival supplies because of Hur.Sandy

along these lines of thought - realize that corporations have lured cash for growth over many years and rewarded folks for that (or maybe not) - now the babyboomers & the USA has shared its production across the globe and times are changing .. corporate stocks can be cashed out at market dayrate prices at your prerogative .. reminder: cash once in the corporate hands - is entrusted to their will not yours any longer -ie CEO pay, dividends, factories here & there

plain jane savings has lost its luster as an interest income - because of above free cash on the corporations terms