The discussion on "Unmanned Drones" on tonight's was FAR from fair and balanced.

What was most irritating was the Pakistani guy portraying the US comes in and does anything we want regardless of loss of 'innocent' human life. While other panel members seemed stuck in a narrow view discussion on outdated international law. No challenge to the statements from the Pakistani gentleman.

Law discussion... Not considering (discussing) the realities of connected 'global' world and impact of asymmetric warfare from brain washed religious groups (not just talking about Islamic groups either). International law needs to updated so countries can defend themselves in this new reality.

Pakistan is itself responsible for fostering, aiding and abetting the terrorists that are attacking the US and Afghanistan. There is clear evidence that the parts of the Pakistani government is complacent at best and supportive of the terrorist at worst... Either way Pakistan and the Pakistani people are not completely innocent here... there is some level of collective aiding and abetting the terrorists... especially in regions where the density of terrorists is concentrated. If the Pakistanis did not provide sanction or support the terrorists they would go elsewhere.

If the US actions matched the "whatever we wanted to do" rhetoric then there should have been several mushroom clouds (small nukes) in the tribal areas and many more dead. Instead the US uses drones which allows the US to more surgically pick off the terrorists from the non-terrorists. If we didn't care about innocent life we have used much more inexpensive large bombs. We have a lot of weapons to choose from and we wanted to kill we can probably quickly kill everyone in Pakistan.

Has the US made mistakes... YES... one of them is trusting and supporting Pakistan who is not our ally.

Here is possible ending to all of this. There will be another larger terrorist strike on the US. It will be more heinous and kill more US citizens than the 911 attack. The US will find it originated from the terrorist from Pakistan... Then the US will likely use more weapons that will kill much more... This may then occur.

Eventually the conclusion to the US will be to make it clear to religious nuts that the US is willing to kill all of them and the US will need to demonstrate this (much how WW2 was ended with Japan). After extraordinary amount of death the terrorist will either give up or will be all killed.

I think all of this can be avoided if states like Pakistan stopped acting like a victim and actually conclude not to play with US misguided believe it advances their own influence in the region by supporting these terrorist. But don't think that is going to happen since the US is sooo nice we will continue to support the Pakistan while they continue to support the terrorist they that will attack the US.

Please pass these comments to the Pakistan gentleman on the show tonight.