Each time I hear a discussion concerning teacher pensions the subject of Chicago paying their pensions and those of those out side Chicago. I would like to see some rebutal and offer the following to the staff. First the funding for state schools is very unfair. Chicago receives almost the largest share of funding if not the greatest. I live in Lyons Township and our high school receives about 2% of their budget. I would like you to see the percent that Chicago receives. With 2 percent this indicates the greatest share comes from the local tax payer and the money we pay to the state is being used to help Chicago so we are being double dipped. Second take an average home in Chicago and see their tax bill for that home and compare it to the tax bill to homes in several homes in the area and see if there is a differance and how much. On my tax bill is an item along with the school listing called pensions. I am already paying toward pensions. When our schools need funds they do not get out their crying towel and tin cup and run to the state they try and pass a referendum which is difficult to pass in these times. If it is not passed they work with what they have. I am receiving a teacher pension and have put my share in which the state does not. I started to pay Social Security at the age of fourteen. When I went to collect my benefit it was cut by about two thirds because of my pension. Please do not sit back and accept the fact of double dipping but ask the question I have suggest. Do not pblish this as it is meant for a suggestion to make the pension discussion more fair. Thank you.