There is a reason election time is called the SILLY SEASON.
Beware of all promises, manipulated data, “good news”, freebees, give a ways, lies, from now till election day.
Politicians will tell you anything you want to hear to get your vote, including lie.
The Emanuel, Quinn democrats are trying to sure up their weakening base, portray how good they are doing. (Strapping our State w/ debt does not count as good).
Not saying anything about the debt they are piling up, how they will pay for it.
The People are finally seeing thu it, are fed up w/ all the unpaid for spending.
Self serving stupidity like Daly’s selling out of public trust, money for his personal army, labor unions.
All just PR, a lie.
Including how the price of gasoline has been mysteriously coming down. Smart people know exactly what OPEC is trying to do after doubling the price of gas over the past 4 years. Make Obama look good.
Look how much credit each side took w/ new teachers contract that hosed the tax payers. Chicago is still a financial mess all due to fat labor contracts buying votes and screwing the tax payers.
There should be a mandate on the ballot, voted on by the people. Should it be illegal for politicians to spend more than will be brought in each year? The private sector can’t do it, why can they? Is this what they were elected to do?