I'm shocked to see that you are having a segment tomorrow entitled "Chicago's high-tech boom".

What's it going to take for the media (Chicago and nationwide) to stop hyping hi-tech? Groupon (as I predicted) is selling for way less than half it's IPO price, Facebook (as I predicted) is selling for about half it's IPO price, and Motorola (as everyone except those caught up in the Rahm hype predicted) has laid off 700 of its Libertyville employees rather than bring them to the Merchandise Mart.

(And rumor has it they will be laying off another 700 or 800 before the move is complete. Of course, the Chicago media isn't investigating or talking about that!)

It's time to stop thinking of hi-tech as some kind of savior that will absolve us for decades of poor economic and political choices.

(Economic: Buying endless foreign goods, from electronics to cars to clothes to oil. Political: Repeatedly voting for mainstream republicans and democrats who only care about the power of the government, military, and Wall Street -- rather than people like Ron Paul who care about the well being of America in general.)

Anyway, I'll try to watch tomorrow's piece with an open mind... perhaps there are other hi-tech companies that are doing better that I am not aware of. (But keep in mind what Groupon proved -- hype doesn't matter, only long-term results.)

(By the way, if you google "I told you not to buy Facebook" it comes right up with my article: http://nuzcom.com/i-told-you-not-buy-facebook)