I believe in the first amendment.
I believe the right of every American to protest what ever they wish; peacefully.

I do not believe in civil disobedience. By definition, civil disobedience implies that an individual can choose when and where he or she can place their own interests above the rest of his fellow citizens and disobey a lawful order of the police. Statutes and ordinances intended to promote order for the common good are enacted by elected representatives. Some of us may not endorse specific legislation and we can choose to protest legislation; peacefully.

As a life long resident of Chicago, I am offended when self appointed spokespeople for protestors are given relentless media access to spew their incredible (yes, without credibility) views of the Chicago Police having violated their rights. And yes, Ms. Gelsomino is example # 1.

In August of 1968 I witnessed first hand Chicago Police Officers being attacked on Michigan Avenue with bags of excrement and urine, glass bottles, and worse hurled at them. Somehow, these attacks were never disclosed in the media because this behavior did not fit the media's narrative.

And yesterday, I saw a minority of protestors choosing to provoke the police after they had been asked, and asked politely, and then verbally warned, to move. Why did the media seek out only people to interview who had nothing but criticism for the Chicago Police? What I did not see was the counter balancing view of the citizens whose own individual rights to enjoy downtown Chicago on a beautiful spring weekend were interfered with.

No, I am not a Chicago Police Officer, nor am I related to one. I am just a Chicagoan who respect the men and women who perform a very difficult job on behalf of all of us.