I saw your Episode with Phil and the Police Chef. I am not a protester just a citizen. I am shocked and I feel your show has completely lost all credibility. What I seen, was officers running in all black uniforms (looking like a death squad) out numbering the protesters 20 to 1. Walking in front of cars screaming at people that were doing nothing but walking and driving cars. They would walk in front of drivers as if they were above the law (just to get a cup of coffee). I am not sure if, or what the protester did or did not do. What I did see was police acting above the law; and would say they were scarcely above a gang. What a disgraceful police department. They should be setting good examples for children not acting like a thug.

On another note, what did it cost to close down the Dan Ryan 45 minutes at a time for one car or at most a few vans to drive down the street? I watched out my window as they closed the expressway at different times of the day. I was shocked to see a car or sometimes 3 vans go thru (they were closing the Dan Ryan). Not to mention people getting stuck downtown as they (NATO) go for dinner. We are told we have no money for schools, service etc… Yet we have money for thousands of officers and the closing of streets for NATO??? They are solders and people who fight, yet they need a street blocked as if they were kings.

Between the media not speaking about this and the police acting like thugs. I am shocked at what we are becoming. It’s no wonder people turn to the internet for news coverage, the way you covered this, you would have thought you were working for the mayor. The police were out of control on the streets not one camera person picked it up???? The Mayor is spending money on this and you sit back and say nothing.

The good news is, this is wakening people up when they have to sit and wait 45 mins on the Dan Ryan as the kings do not want to drive with other cars on the street. And the Mayor tells us we have no Money, and the media sits silently.

Joe C