I watch WTTW with closed captioning.

Because I don't want to disturb others,
because I need help with accents,
because (lately) it amuses me.

I don't know if its a service, an unpaid intern, a paid employee, but however the captioning is being produced it is becoming more of a hoot than ever. Obvious breaks (single typist needs a bathroom break), weird spellings, poor interpretions of the spoken word (and how exactly do they caption things? Do they just listen along with everyone else? With or without headphones? Do they have a script in front of them? If so, why not just print the script ahead of time and run that?).

Anyway, if someone, some company, or some organization is actually funding/paying for closed captioning at WTTW, they're getting ripped off; not as much as over at the ME-TV stations, but still.