When I step into the voting booth, I , like most people have little information in which to rely when it comes to judges. It usually comes down to race and gender. I think most of us just vote for the woman, the jews, the polish, Irish or whatever image the name suggests. If Barak Obama had run for judge in cook county before he became famous, I suspect he would have got a lot of unknowing irish votes.
I am advocating and volunteering for Aurelia Pucinski for Supreme Court of Illinois. It's a three way race between three woman.
One woman has the backing of Mayor Emanuel and has over 300K contributions
The second has the backing of Cook County president Preckwinkle, who also has plenty of financial backing
The third is my favorite, Aurelia Pucinski, has name recognition and very little financial support. I've heard as little as $300 as of last week.... according the Northwestern University.
Fortunately, for the votors, all of the candidates are pretty good choices in my opinion, but the public knows little about these candidates.
Why not invite all three candidates to interview on your show, or stage a debate?
This will be good for you and for the public.
Please :-)