I read an article on this per link on WTTW site
verious topics discussed on The Week in Review touched on this and are referred to in the article. I agree. He's not the shrewdest governor we've ever had but he is at least one of the most honest in his service to "the people" of Illinois. Many would reply to that by citing his granting of pay raises to various administrators in State government. I my view, it's likely those managers have a contractual relationship with the State that requires either firing or certain levels of pay raise on a regular basis. Given that, do you really believe it's in the interest of the State to spend the money needed to fight the most likely doomed court battles over denial of those contracted raises?
The sad fact is that "the people" of Illinois are the weaker sister of the holders of the real power in Illinois State government. The REAL power lies with those for whom the "entitlement" of the elite, which includes the elected legislators and their largest financial supporters, MUST be preserved. The possibly sadder fact is that they(those legislators) are a relatively cheap buy. On average, those Illinois legislators who voted , over Gov. Quin's veto,to relieve the owners of the electric utilities giants of any of the cost of the conversion to a "Smart Grid" the utilities will then own and be the main financial beneficiary of, received a paltry ~$7,000 each from supporters of the veto override ( the utilities)for doing so! Remember these utilities giants have a State "regulated" (now less than ever before) MONOPOLY on the delivery of electricity in Illinois!