The protests began a few weeks ago and now it is clear that the “Neo-Com” far-left, Marxist agenda is behind these protests. The “Occupy” movement is based entirely on CLASS WARFARE. They claim to be the “99%” of Americans who are fed up with the “1%”, but in reality they are anarchists and Marxists who are demanding more and more entitlements from tax-paying Americans.

Consider this: The Tea Party movement is the most influential political movement to come to our nation is many years.

The Left MUST derail the Tea Party movement in order to achieve its political goals in 2012. In order to do so, they have created a counterfeit -- the “occupy” movement. Now, they are using the media to place their “occupy” movement on equal footing with the Tea Party movement and reduce the Tea Party to “just another protest movement.”

So far, the strategy is working. The “Big Left” union leaders and the liberal media are pushing this “occupy” movement to center stage. And politicians like Obama and Pelosi are getting on board.

Those involved are using a lot of “revolution” language, but don’t be fooled. The leaders of the Left have one real goal -- destroy the political impact of the Tea Party.