Some thoughts concerning the panel discussion on last night's program

Everyone, particularly politicians and those in the media, is crying for more jobs. Unfortunately nobody is showing an understanding of the matter. More jobs are not really needed! Most of us have pretty much all that we need and desire. In this day and age because of technological advancements not that much effort is needed to provide the necessaries of life, food, clothing, shelter, and recreation. In some respects we have too much, we have over-produced. Yes indeed there is a need to put more people to work. There are ways to accomplish this but we need leaders with understanding and courage.

Really, there are just a few changes that would be needed to increase the ranks of the employed. Firstly, the work week should be reduced to 32 hours or four days for everyone. Perhaps a greater reduction in the work week may be called for. Secondly, overtime should be abolished across the board. Thirdly, to run for public office one would need to be under 65 years of age at the time service would commence. It has been just reported that our own Secretary of State who would be over 80 years of age at the start of another term is planning to seek re-election! There are too many examples of persons holding elected offices well beyond the “normal” retirement age. These suggestions if implemented would positively without question reduce the number of unemployed.

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