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In this Thursday, Dec. 26, 2019 photo, a registered medical marijuana patient looks at products at the Rise cannabis store in Mundelein, Illinois. Starting Jan. 1, 2020, Illinois will join Michigan as the only Midwestern states broadly allowing the sale and use of marijuana. (AP Photo / Nam Y. Huh)

As Illinois prepares to join the recreational market on Wednesday, officials are renewing warnings to consumers against carrying such products over state lines. 

In this June 6, 2019 file photo, musician R. Kelly departs the Leighton Criminal Court building after pleading not guilty to 11 additional sex-related charges in Chicago. (AP Photo / Amr Alfiky, File)

“Surviving R. Kelly Part II: The Reckoning” will premiere Thursday on Lifetime. The six-hour series will run for two hours a night for three consecutive nights, concluding Saturday. 

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Both local and state police will be ramping up their patrol deployments Tuesday night to maintain safety at busy New Year’s Eve events and along roads as marijuana legalization takes effect.

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New HIV diagnoses have been dropping in Chicago for years, reaching a record low in 2018. Yet as HIV rates decline, city health officials say other sexually transmitted infections are reaching record highs.

Dorothy Olson Pauletti

Dorothy Olson Pauletti came to Chicago at age 17 and played piano professionally for nearly eight decades. At 102, she’s still living musically.

London House, considered one of the foremost jazz clubs in the country, was open from 1946 through the early ‘70s. (Courtesy Neal Samors)

Chicago has a thriving live music scene today, but many of the city’s legendary venues are long gone. A new book from Neal Samors and Bob Dauber remembers many of those 20th century nightspots.

In this June 15, 2017, file photo, people walk inside the Oculus, the new transit station at the World Trade Center in New York. (AP Photo / Frank Franklin II, File)

The past year’s population growth rate in the United States was the slowest in a century due to declining births, increasing deaths and the slowdown of international migration, according to figures released Monday by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Watch the Dec. 30, 2019 full episode of “Chicago Tonight.”

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University of Chicago linguist Jason Riggle discusses some of the top words of 2019, including “they,” “existential” and “climate emergency.”

Using the Event Horizon Telescope, scientists obtained an image of the black hole at the center of galaxy M87, outlined by emission from hot gas swirling around it under the influence of strong gravity near its event horizon. (Credits: Event Horizon Telescope collaboration et al.)

From the first-ever image of a black hole to growing concern over climate change, we review some of the year’s top science stories with three of our regular science contributors.

In Lakeview, workers were busy putting the finishing touches on the Sunnyside dispensary just two days before recreational marijuana becomes legal in Illinois. (WTTW News)

Are local officials and cannabis dispensaries ready for the rush of customers when recreational marijuana becomes legal Wednesday? We visit a pot shop in Lakeview to see how it’s gearing up for green.

Former Bears offensive lineman James “Big Cat” Williams appears on “Chicago Tonight” on Dec. 30, 2019. (WTTW News)

The Chicago Bears (8-8) wrapped up their season Sunday with a 21-19 win over the Minnesota Vikings. We review the season’s highs and lows with former Bears offensive lineman James “Big Cat” Williams.