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In this Jan. 11, 2019, file photo, passengers wait in line at a Transportation Security Administration checkpoint at the Philadelphia International Airport in Philadelphia. (AP Photo / Matt Rourke, File)

The chief of the Transportation Security Administration says travelers should see only a slight increase in checkpoint wait times over the four-day July 4 holiday weekend.

(Lara Farhadi / Flickr)

Police say charges are currently pending against six adults and one possible juvenile accused of spray-painting the Bean and Cancer Survivor Wall in Maggie Daley Park.

In this May 23, 2019 photo, the U.S. Supreme Court building at dusk on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo / Patrick Semansky)

More than 200 corporations, including many of America’s best-known companies, are urging the U.S. Supreme Court to rule that federal civil rights law bans job discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Angel Idowu

A Chicago native is returning home to cover the city’s vibrant arts scene for “Chicago Tonight.”

From left: Sarah Ruth Mikulski, Cydney Washington, William Roberts, Clara Imon Pedtke, Elena Avila, Rose Guccione, Ysaye McKeever and Angela Yu in “The Flower of Hawaii.” (Courtesy of Folks Operetta)

For all it’s polish and ambition I can’t say the show has turned me into a fan of the operetta style. But “The Flower of Hawaii” is unquestionably an artifact of musical theater interest, and this might just be the only chance you will ever have to experience it.

Brendt Christensen (Macon County Sheriff's Department)

Federal defenders are seeking a four-week delay to review and translate videos of Yingying Zhang and her family if that evidence is allowed at sentencing.

(ruifo / Flickr)

If you plan on hitting the road Friday afternoon, be warned: it’s projected to be the worst time for travelers in Chicago, according to AAA, with delays as much as two times the normal commute. 

Leaves on a tree affected with Phytophthora ramorum, also known as sudden oak death (Courtesy California Oak Mortality Task Force)

The disease known as sudden oak death has killed large numbers of oak trees and native plant species in California, Oregon and Europe. The pathogen behind it has now been identified in Illinois.

Watch the July 2, 2019 full episode of “Chicago Tonight.”

We visit a career-spanning show of work by Marvin E. Newman, a still-working photographer who captured Chicago and its people in the 1940s and ‘50s.

Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer appears on “Chicago Tonight” on July 2, 2019.

Meet Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer, the first woman in the 200-year history of Chicago’s federal court to become chief judge.

Illinois’ oddly shaped 4th Congressional District. (WTTW News)

As states prepare to draw new election boundaries after the 2020 census, what can be done to ensure those maps give equal weight to all votes? Behind the practice of gerrymandering and the movement to curb it.

For the past two weeks, electric scooters have been zipping around Chicago’s West Side. An update on how the pilot program is going.

The Chicago Orphans, 1902

Geoffrey Baer investigates an early attempt at a Chicago baseball crosstown classic – that may or may not have actually happened.

(kaleido-dp / Pixabay)

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has been upfront recently that city residents should expect to pay more in taxes to help fill persistent budget holes. One she’s eyeing? A tax on services.