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“Many synthetic cannabinoids are already illegal, but by broadening the criteria, we ensure that they can’t be made legal by small and potentially deadly changes to their chemical formulas,” said state Sen. Jacqueline Collins.

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Former EPA chief Scott Pruitt said his proposal would increase transparency, but opponents say it will keep certain scientific studies out of the hands of EPA decision-makers and addresses “a ‘problem’ that does not exist.”

An inexpensive finger-prick test can quickly and accurately detect the presence of a life-damaging parasite in pregnant women, according to a recent study conducted in Chicago and Morocco.  

Chicago Dance Crash (Credit: Ashley Deran)

As always, the annual benefit concert served up a rich smorgasbord of styles Saturday. It also offered a subtle suggestion of Chicago’s dance history.

Courtroom sketch from the trial of Paul Manafort (CNN)

The jury asked no major questions of the judge Monday – and delivered no verdict. Renato Mariotti joins us to discuss jury deliberations and more.

The rooftop garden at Uncommon Ground restaurant in Edgewater. (Chicago Tonight)

Two certified organic gardens on opposite sides of the city provide benefits to the environment and nearby communities.

Watch the Aug. 20, 2018 full episode of “Chicago Tonight.”

Readers react to a new Illinois law that toughens up penalties for texting while driving.

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Total fundraising in the Illinois governor’s race approaches a quarter-billion dollars. What that means for both parties.