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The estate of Terrell Eason claims Chicago police officers used excessive force during a July 3 foot pursuit that led to the 33-year-old’s death.

Women enrolled in public insurance programs are entitled to receive coverage for comprehensive family planning care, according to federal guidelines. But new research reveals Cook County women may face additional barriers in accessing reproductive health care.


Why the 2020 census could include a question about citizenship – and why there’s a legal effort to block it.

Silver carp jumping into a boat. (Evan Garcia / Chicago Tonight)

Each year, self-proclaimed “rednecks” try to rid the Illinois River of Asian carp – one flying fish at a time. We visit the small town of Bath for a look.

Fourteen-year-old theater critic Ada Grey. (Courtesy of Ada Grey)

She’s been on the scene for 10 years – and just turned 14 years old. Ada Grey tells us about her experiences as a Chicago theater critic.

We visit a local nonprofit that offers free scuba training to adults and children with special needs.

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin holds a press conference Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018 in front of S.H. Bell’s industrial facility along the Calumet River on the city’s Southeast Side. (Chicago Tonight)

After touring Chicago’s industry-dominated Southeast Side on Thursday, U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin pressed the Environmental Protection Agency to increase monitoring of brain-damaging manganese dust. 

Watch the Aug. 9, 2018 full episode of “Chicago Tonight.”

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson appears on “Chicago Tonight” on Aug. 9, 2018.

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson talks about the department’s latest efforts to curb violence after more than 70 people were shot last weekend.

(Courtesy Norfolk Southern Surveillance Camera)

Once again, police are in the crosshairs due to social media posts that have gone viral. This time, videos show police using a so-called bait truck in Englewood.