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(valelopardo / Pixabay)

A new outbreak this week of an intestinal illness has prompted an expanded investigation of possible sources of contamination.

The Northwestern-built Micro-X rocket will carry a high-powered X-ray device to capture unprecedented images of astronomical objects. (Northwestern University / Instagram)

Scientists are preparing to launch a rocket in New Mexico that’s equipped with a new high-powered device that will capture unprecedented images of astronomical objects. 

Opening day on April 25, 2018, of the McDonald’s restaurant inside the company’s new West Loop headquarters.

Animal welfare advocates will gather next week at McDonald's new West Loop headquarters to present a petition with more than 200,000 signatures calling on the company to improve conditions for chickens in its supply chain. 

Eddie Arruza and guests discuss the latest developments in the NFL’s national anthem policy.

The fatal shooting of a South Shore barber sparks outrage and protests. Could the Trump-Putin summit reshape the local political landscape? And Chance the Rapper is now an emerging media mogul.