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From left: Matt Codina, Eddie Clendening, Jamie Pittle and Zach Lentino in “Heartbreak Hotel” at the Broadway Playhouse. (Credit: Brett Beiner)

Too often this Elvis Presley-focused prequel to “Million Dollar Quartet” homes in on material that might have been cut from that earlier show. But on the plus side, it infuses the story with much that was omitted from “Quartet.”

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart appears on “Chicago Tonight” on July 13, 2017.

“This crisis touches the lives of so many – almost everyone knows someone struggling with an opioid addiction,” said Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart. “I hope this podcast opens eyes and minds to how easily an opioid addiction can happen and how hard it can be to stop.”

Justice Anne Burke, one of the leading forces behind the first games, stands with volunteers at the 1968 Games. (Courtesy of Special Olympics Chicago)

The Special Olympics celebrates 50 years. How it all began – right here in Chicago.

Chicago Tribune restaurant critic Phil Vettel (Courtesy of Chicago Tribune)

After 29 years of trying to stay anonymous, the Chicago Tribune’s restaurant critic has decided to reveal his face.

A new resolution to bring universal basic income to Chicago may soon be making its way to City Council for a vote.

The Trump administration can’t say whether it will meet a July 26 deadline to reunite 2,500 migrant children with their parents.

Producer Jay Shefsky and cameraman Felix Mendez pose with the crew of Mise en Place at Jackson Park Harbor.

Sailing is a mostly white, male sport. On the eve of the Race to Mackinac, we visit one crew that bucks both of those trends. 

Lincoln Yards artist’s rendering (Courtesy Sterling Bay)

Community reaction comes in for the new Lincoln Yards proposal slated to be a city-within-a-city.

Watch the July 19, 2018 full episode of “Chicago Tonight.”

Chicago’s last waterfall is about to be demolished. Viewers weigh in on that story.