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(Adam Jones, Ph.D. / Wikimedia Commons)

After more than 85 percent of eligible employees signed cards in favor of union representation, the media company that owns the Chicago Tribune agrees to voluntarily recognize the Chicago Tribune Guild.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan (Chicago Tonight file photo)

A group of 13 attorneys general are speaking out against a Trump administration proposal to reduce penalties for automakers that violate fuel efficiency standards. 

From left: Chuckie Benson, Michael Mahler, Zachary Stevenson and Kieran McCabe in “Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story.” (Photo credit: Michael Brosilow)

Zachary Stevenson – a bravura performer who is the spittin’ image of the character he plays, and who possesses the voice, moves, guitar licks and irresistible energy of the “original” – is proof that Buddy Holly lives. 

Aaron Posner, left, and Teller (of Penn & Teller) adapt and direct Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s production of “Macbeth.” (Photo by Bill Burlingham)

Witches, sorcery and ghosts: Shakespeare’s spookiest and shortest play gets adapted into a horror thriller with modern day magic.

(Tanya Martinez / Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources)

One of the world’s most endangered birds finds itself in even greater peril after a hurricane ripped through its habitat last year. But you can help – by drinking beer. 

Beverly Daniel Tatum, the author of a groundbreaking book on segregation in America’s schools and neighborhoods, on why it’s so crucial – and difficult – to talk about race.

The number of beat cops in Chicago is down despite a promised hiring surge, according to two new reports. We speak with two local journalists and the head of the police union.

Why the fourth-coldest April on record also brought us summer-like temperatures – and what we can expect from the coming weeks.

Matt Binns is equal parts artist, inventor and businessman. We visit his workshop to see how his company’s custom-made globes are constructed.

Illinois has won long sought-after permission from the federal government to take a more flexible approach to treating opioid disorders, drug abuse and other behavioral health issues.

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