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The 23-year-old suspect is accused of carjacking multiple vehicles last week. He faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

(Photo courtesy Andy Thayer)

After spending 22 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, Thomas Sierra is suing the city of Chicago and the detective he claims framed him for a 1995 murder.

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A bill aimed at breaking up food deserts in Chicago and other cities across the state by establishing “urban agriculture zones” moved forward last week in Springfield.

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Agriculture advocates say industrial hemp would offer Illinois farmers an additional crop – one with a lucrative future.

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An expert on aging talks about the possibilities and problems that come with living longer.

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The Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune take shots at each other as both newspapers struggle to survive. Columnists Neil Steinberg and Eric Zorn weigh in.

As any good gardener knows, the key to healthy plants is starting with good soil. The team from the Organic Gardener helps us prepare our garden for spring planting.

Watch the April 30, 2018 full episode of "Chicago Tonight."

Ralph Martire, executive director of the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability

A prominent local tax watchdog group says Illinois government would gain $2 billion with a graduated income tax.

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The medical marijuana industry’s biggest bank in Illinois pulls out of the business. The implications of that move and more issues facing growers, dispensaries and patients.

The remarkable work of photographer Art Shay, and Art Paul, the first art director for Playboy who designed the iconic bunny logo.

Barry DeBois and Tiffany Topol in “Once” at the Paramount Theatre in Aurora. (Photo credit: Liz Lauren)

The stunning performers now gathered on the stage of the Paramount Theatre bring this unconventional piece of musical theater to life with a beguiling mix of emotional depth and comic zest.

Alaina Hampton, who is accusing a former staffer in House Speaker Michael Madigan’s political organization of sexual harassment, reads a statement on March 22, 2018.

The former campaign worker in House Speaker Michael Madigan’s political organization who accused her supervisor of sexual harassment is taking her case to the state’s legislative inspector general.