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House Bill 768 passed through the state House and Senate easily last year, but the governor’s veto of the legislation, which seeks to limit state oversight of local decisions to shutter underperforming charter schools, doesn’t come as a surprise.

(Jeremy Atherton / Wikimedia Commons)

A new investment strategy calls for Chicago to redirect funds toward companies that prioritize environmental responsibility and social causes, but local climate activists say the plan falls short.

President Lyndon B. Johnson, seated, discusses the 1967 Detroit riot with members of his staff in the Oval Office. (LBJ Library photo by Yoichi Okamoto)

In 1967, African-Americans took their discontent to the street and President Lyndon Johnson tasked a commission to find out why. The last surviving member of that commission talks about progress made and lost in the years since.

Thomas Jaconetty speaks Thursday at a hearing.

After a highly critical independent report finds Cook County property taxes punish the poor, officials from the assessor’s office are put in the hot seat.

Virginio Ferrari (Chicago Tonight)

Born in Italy, Virginio Ferrari came to Chicago in the 1960s, and he blossomed into an internationally sought-after sculptor. We visit the 80-year-old in his Bridgeport studio.

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