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Surveillance footage shows the suspect in three Chicago bank robberies. Authorities believe that man is Matthew Silberman. (FBI)

A 27-year-old suburban man who had been reported missing now faces criminal charges after federal officials say he used bomb threats and a gun to rob three Chicago banks in three days last month.

Confused about when the city makes blue cart pickups? You can now look up recycling and garbage pickup schedules online as Chicago looks to boost its dismal recycling rate. 

(Courtesy of Daniel Lam)

Anatomy is at the heart of medical school. To help fellow students remember lessons he struggled with, University of Chicago student Daniel Lam picked up his knitting needles.


Public and abandoned properties in the Chicago area might appear a little less cluttered. The Illinois EPA collected 598.5 tons of used tires in December as part of a state program to mitigate hazards associated with them.

Helen Lambin shows Jay Shefsky her collection of tattoos.

When Helen Lambin got a small tattoo for her 75th birthday, she had no intention of ever getting another. But the experience “made me feel sort of adventurous and wild,” she remembers.

“It’s a struggle every day,” a current Ford employee says. As Chicago Ford plants once again grapple with accusations of sexual harassment, we speak with two women about what it’s like to work there.

Opioid overdoses in Illinois claim more lives than homicides and car accidents. State health officials tell us what’s behind the crisis.  

Republicans and Democrats investigating possible Russian interference in the last presidential election are reportedly at odds. U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley joins us with the latest on the the House Russia investigation.

An explosive new book pits President Donald Trump against former adviser Steve Bannon. Local Republicans assess the turmoil in Washington.

Contributors have pledged $38.5 million so far in 2018 to the state’s new and program, celebrated by advocates of school choice but derided by teachers unions and other critics as a subversion of the public education system.

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