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CPS inspector general standing by initial report, calls board review “unprecedented”

A Chicago Public Schools watchdog report recommended her termination just two months ago, but on Thursday, York Alternative High School Principal Sharnette Sims received an apology from the district and was told she’ll be reinstated to her position, effective immediately.

Workers from the Environmental Protection Agency respond to an oil spill Oct. 26 at a fork of the Chicago River known as Bubbly Creek. (EPA)

The EPA likely won’t be able to determine the source of a late October oil spill in the Chicago River because the agency was notified about the spill two days after it occurred, the EPA said Tuesday. 

(Mike Mitchell / National Cancer Institute)

Northwestern University scientists believe they may have found the “Achilles’ heel” of cancer. In a recent study, researchers were able to almost completely eradicate the disease in laboratory cell cultures.

Yingying Zhang disappeared on June 9. (University of Illinois Police Department)

Yingying Zhang disappeared in June. Now, attorneys for the man accused in her kidnapping and death are requesting a delay in the trial, in part because they want to investigate possible sightings of the victim.

Helen Lambin shows Jay Shefsky her collection of tattoos.

When Helen Lambin got a small tattoo for her 75th birthday, she had no intention of ever getting another. But the experience “made me feel sort of adventurous and wild,” she remembers.

(Courtesy of Square Roots)

A tech billionaire with a famous name talks about bringing his “real food” movement to the Windy City. 

Monarch butterfly populations have dropped by more than 80 percent over the past two decades. A bill approved this week aims to boost the monarch’s recovery by protecting milkweed, a plant that serves as the butterfly’s only source of food. 

Illinois’ female state senators announce their informal tribe will operate as an official, bipartisan caucus devoted to advancing legislation to empower women. But hours later, the chamber kills a measure on gender pay equity.

The 370th Regiment of the United States National Guard fought on two fronts: the war against the Germans and the war against racism and inequality.

Exploring the little-known story of an all-black infantry regiment from Chicago that fought in World War I. A discussion with documentary filmmaker Mario Tharpe.

Taylor Bennett talks about his rising rap career, and the inevitable comparisons with his brother, Chance the Rapper.

Prescription pain pills are dumped out on a table. (U.S. Air Force photo illustration / Tech. Sgt. Mark R. W. Orders-Woempner)

The opioid epidemic in Illinois is more acute than in many other states, according to the National Safety Council. We discuss the crisis and a new memorial that highlights the human toll of opioid addiction.

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