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WinaFight Sanderson, left, faces off against Lady MacFist at the Chicago League of Lady Arms Wrestlers’ CLLAW XXVII match. (Credit: Trainman Photography)

Lady arm wrestlers, a massive art fair, sudsy brews and sea lions usher in the weekend. Here are 10 things to do in and around Chicago.

The Earth Microbiome Project aims to catalog all of the world’s microbial communities. (G.M. King)

Scientists say there are more bacteria in the ocean than stars in the universe, yet little is known about them. A new study outlines the “crazy idea” that led to a project described by one scientist as the “Google database for microbes.”

“Black Enough” by Max Sansing (Courtesy of Gallery 19 / SOFA Chicago)

Basketball kept Max Sansing and his friends out of trouble, but when the rims were removed from neighborhood parks and schools, their lives were changed. Now Sansing is using old backboards to tell that story.

(The Javorac / Flickr)

Local officials call for restrictions on opioid prescriptions as Mayor Rahm Emanuel proposes a $500,000 investment to fight the opioid epidemic.

Former Vice President Joe Biden weighs in on the current state of affairs and on the threat posed by Russia during a speech in Chicago. Is he laying the groundwork for 2020?

CPS says conduct didn’t rise to level of disciplinary infraction

South Loop Elementary (Matt Masterson / Chicago Tonight)

A Chicago Public School principal whose school is in the process of constructing a $60 million expansion attempted to sway the answers of teachers on a 2017 survey measuring the overall quality of the school.

(Trey Ratcliff / Flickr)

After cutbacks at the EPA and skepticism within the Trump administration about climate change, the city of Chicago has made clear its intention to step up efforts to protect the environment.

Workers from the Environmental Protection Agency respond to an oil spill that was reported Oct. 26 at a fork of the Chicago River known as Bubbly Creek. (EPA)

Officials responding to last week’s oil spill in the South Branch of the Chicago River have recovered dead wildlife from the water, including 43 fish and four turtles. The source of the spill is still unknown, according to the EPA. 

GOP lawmakers delay releasing their tax overhaul. Can legislators agree on cuts that meet the president’s demands?

Otis Wilson was a key member of the Chicago Bears 1985 Super Bowl team. He joins us to discuss his new book “If These Walls Could Talk: Stories from the Chicago Bears Sideline, Locker Room, and Press Box.”

Chicagoans have watched the Navy Pier Flyover begin to take shape over the last three years. But the city recently pushed back the completion date to 2019. Frustrated cyclists and pedestrians are beginning to ask why.

Watch the Nov. 1, 2017 full episode of "Chicago Tonight."

A Broadway superstar returns to Chicago to plea for help for his Puerto Rican homeland, and addresses a controversial tweet about the president.

(Meagan Davis / Wikimedia Commons)

Complaints against state lawmakers and legislative staff have been sitting in a binder for as long as three years, according to a legislator who sits on the commission charged with ruling on misconduct.