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Counties in Illinois will soon be able to tap into their animal population control funds to support programs aimed at reducing feral cat populations.

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft is shown during its Sept. 15, 2017, plunge into Saturn’s atmosphere in this artist’s depiction. ( Credit: NASA / JPL-Caltech)

The Cassini mission has completely transformed our understanding of Saturn and identified two moons that could potentially harbor life. On Friday morning, the journey will come to a fiery end. 

Beagles are the most commonly used dog breed in research because of their docile nature and inherent trust of humans, according to the animal advocacy group the Beagle Freedom Project.

Universities and other publicly funded institutions will soon be required to make “reasonable efforts” to get research dogs and cats adopted once they are no longer needed.

From left: Marie Curie, Christina Ciecierski and Julie Des Jardins (Courtesy Northeastern Illinois University)

Honoring the 150th anniversary of the birth of physicist Marie Curie and its own 150th anniversary, Northeastern Illinois University this month hosts a conference celebrating women’s contributions to science. Find out what’s on tap.

(Courtesy of the Obama Foundation)

Community members get a chance to address key figures behind the Obama Presidential Center. A live report from the meeting.

Amazon plans to build a second headquarters somewhere in North America. Can Chicago woo the tech giant and the estimated 50,000 jobs that would come with it?

A discussion with Sharon Fairley, chief administrator of the Civilian Office of Police Accountability, or COPA, which officially takes over on Friday.

The Chicago Architecture Biennial returns for a second year to highlight the work of contemporary architects from around the globe. We get a preview.

Chris Kennedy, left, appears on “Chicago Tonight” on June 22. Ra Joy is his running mate, Kennedy announced Thursday. (Ra Joy / Facebook)

Addressing violence is at the top of the ticket for a newly minted Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor.

Propaganda and political cartoons show different perspectives of Vietnam at the Pritzker Military Museum and Library.

Watch the Sept. 14, 2017 full episode of "Chicago Tonight."

Donica Lynn performs at the Chicago Actors’ Call to Action’s May event. (Ingrid Bonne)

Actors take action by taking the stage once a month to raise money for organizations that could lose funding under the Trump administration. Meet the program’s founder and find out what’s on tap in September.

Viewers had mixed opinions about former Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who granted his first prison interviews this week.