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“My main hope is to make it easier for people to access health care,” said Yosue Perez, whose website maps health care providers in Illinois that serve people regardless of their immigration status.

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Dante, a 30-pound alligator snapping turtle, made his public debut after passing a routine physical exam, which was actually quite similar to a human checkup.

The head of the Chicago Board of Education on Monday put his full support behind the state education funding reform deal on the table in Springfield, saying it represents a big step toward putting Chicago Public Schools on solid fiscal ground.

President Donald Trump’s contentious relationship with the media: Where did it all go wrong? Dan Miller and Rex Huppke join us in discussion.

For days, parts of Texas have been slammed by massive rain and flooding caused by Harvey. A look at recovery efforts for the short and long term.

A grand canyon that will become a deep lake: We get a tour of the final reservoir in the Deep Tunnel plan. 

Watch the Aug. 28, 2017 full episode of "Chicago Tonight."

Immigrants and refugees in Illinois can now breathe a sigh of relief, and people eager to vote will find it easier to register. The changes come as Gov. Bruce Rauner signed two pieces of legislation Monday.

Mike North is leaving sports broadcasting and will live part-time in Las Vegas, with plans to be a pitchman for a product called Light Keeper Pro. 

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A day of drama in the Illinois House ended Monday night with a passage of bipartisan education funding legislation that Gov. Bruce Rauner said he will “quickly” sign into law should the Senate pass the package on Tuesday.